Spooked by the Lake

The last rays of light reflect on the rippling water before me, a millions stars twinkling overhead.

The moon nowhere to be found.

A chorus of crickets rises to greet the night sky with a bass of frogs ascending in. A soft breeze tickles my back, brushing my hair along my neck. It sends chills down my spine.

An inky darkness creeps along the edges of the water. Dried corn stalks rustle behind me and make me check over my shoulder.

I am alone and unarmed.

A perfect target for a wanting predator.

The remnants of day completely fade, plunging me fully into the night. The stars my only guardians.

And the only witnesses to whatever may happen now that the protective sun is gone.

The Magic of the Foggy Glen

Stepping into foggy glen

Searching for inspiration

Experiencing foreign sensation

Brushing hair on end

Rippling goosebumps across the skin

Revitalizing air breathing in

Believing the supernatural kin

Scratching visions in pen

Defying the laws of men

Witnessing ghostly caravan

Observing the driver’s grin

Wondering where the carriage has been

Dreading the skeletals again

Closing eyes and counting ten

Providing brief mind vacation

Returning delightful premonition

Activating long-told superstitions

Proving what can’t be written

Striding along decaying fence

Singing lyrical execution

Melting into dark nation

Becoming another legend

Personal Update

Holy cow, it’s been over two weeks since I last posted, and I have not been very consistent to my daily schedule, have I? Alas, perfection is unattainable to us humans. A concept many try too desperately hard to reach. I, on the other hand? It seems, anymore, I find every excuse not to be perfect.

Dealing with life’s problems makes the greatest alibi.

However, there’s more than just the daily adult struggles that I’ve allowed to hold me back. I have fantastic news!

As you may or may not know, I am in the process of finishing the final revision for my first novel (I hope) to be published. In my mind, I still had to hurtle over a major obstacle known as editing. I’ve heard many authors dread this phase.

I assumed I was required to have someone else edit my manuscript for me before I could pitch it to potential publishers. While the last couple of months have left me lacking in the novel writing department, I’ve been researching the crap out of everything. And what did I find?

Publishers actually prefer if you don’t have your manuscript edited! They want the raw material. This is huge! I have gained so much time and effort I originally planned on sending. This means I’m so much closer to my dreams than I anticipated. Theoretically, I could have my manuscript sent by the end of the year! I’ve been renewed with vigor and motivation. Steadfastly scribbling away the past few weeks.

Honestly, all that remains to do is the end of the revision stage and a final test read.

Now, some of you are probably shaking your heads and mumbling under you breath because this was something you already knew. Here’s a fact: I’m always late to the party. There are long lines in my family that prove this. It’s ridiculous. But hey, you can count on us to arrive late. We’re dependable.

But that’s pretty much a summary of where I’m at right now. Still dealing with crazy life stuff that never seems to give my husband and I a break and burying my head in my novel. I do have works I intend to upload on here. I haven’t forgotten about my blog. Haven’t forgotten about my readers. I can’t promise posts every single day, but know I’m plugging away at what my heart desires most.

And, as always: remember to keep your imagination. For you never know the crazy places it will take you.


Dancing With the Devil

Have you ever danced with the devil
In the pale moon light
I do most every night
For he goes by many names
Pride, Lust, Greed, Envy, Doubt
And most frequently–Shame

I love dancing with the devil
In the pale moon light
I do it most every night
Not because I have anything to gain
But as I confront my sins
He helps relieve my pain

I know the sound of dancing with the devil
In the pale moon light
And dancing most every night
Seems rather quite insane
But if truth were to be told
I’m honestly challenging my blames

You see, dancing with the devil
In the pale moon light
And dancing almost every night
Unlocking my soul as a windowpane
The dance becomes one of death
As destroying my devil is my aim

Have you danced with your devil
In the pale moon light
Have you danced for even a night
Do you know your devil’s names
So you can confront your sins
Only then can you fight your Shame