My Wish

The sun shone in bright glory
Clouds telling the sky’s story
A breeze picked up speed
Then I closed my eyes
In that moment I knew I could fly

In that moment I knew I could soar
The entire world was an open door
For me to be a different breed
My open arms became wings
I could view all the splendid things

Sailing the sky I knew I was free
To have this always would I plea
I’d trade my old life in an instant
If I could only feel this bliss
And never a moment would I miss

The breeze was soon gone
Stopped blowing my hair wild and long
My brain knew what everything meant
I still smiled with excited eyes round
Though my feet had never left the ground


My Own Little Paradise

I sprawled in the tall grass, watching the clouds leisurely pass overhead. The sun’s rays kept me delightfully warm. The sky was crystal blue without blemish. Clouds white and fluffy. A gentle breeze blew the overgrown grass into a quiet hiss. Each bird added its own tune when they so chose. For the time being, the clouds stopped their migration over the sun, which now shone in its prime. Grateful for this glorious day, I soaked up the sunshine. I closed my eyes and took in the warmth and the subtle sounds. Whenever the breeze blew, I picked up scents of grass and wildflowers. It was just the country and I. I was bothered by no one. Only the bugs came to visit me in my own little paradise. The sun kept me warm; the breeze kept me cool. And the only way I could describe it was perfection in its purest.

Run From the Curtain

I saw it coming. The curtain was coming fast. My dragon’s feet pounded the ground. I pressed closer to her neck, wishing her wing hadn’t been broken in the battle. Her muscles rippled underneath me as she tried to run faster. She knew it was coming, too. Her skin trembled with pain searing through her body. I threw a glance over my shoulder. The curtain followed us with tremendous speed. My dragon’s breathing hardened. I knew she wouldn’t last much longer with her limp wing dragging the ground. My eyes frantically searched the canyon for anywhere to take shelter. If we didn’t find high ground soon, the closing torrent of rain would flood this barren land. And we would be caught in the rushing water.

As soon as I finished my thought, I heard it. The distant roar of an impending flood. My dragon shrieked as she pushed on. She was just as scared as I was. I continued searching. “There!” I screamed, pointing to the right. A natural rock ramp led to a cave that seemed high enough for shelter. She veered. I stole another glance behind. Immediately faced forward. I knew I had to be pale. The impending flood was coming faster than anticipated.

My dragon gave a strong push of her rear haunches and jumped onto the stone ramp. Her bottom jaw hung slack, and her long tongue dangled. In a single second, we were drenched. It felt refreshing at first. Then the bullet rain stung. Seemed to pierce our flesh. I squinted at the cave. It appeared big enough. My dragon only needed a few more bounds. She gently grabbed me with her teeth and tossed me to safety, trying to follow. Her talons slipped on the wet rock. The flood had rushed us. The boiling waters swallowed her bottom half and ripped her away. I scrambled to the edge, reaching out. But my dragon was gone.


It’s been some time since I’ve tried my hand at poetry. Please bear with me.

What are words on a page
What do they all mean
How come they ripen with age
And nothing’s as it seems

What is their power
What secrets do they hold
When praises they can shower
Then turn to be so cold

How many words make a story
How many a book
How can they make authors worry
So over and over they look

What kind of words are spoken
When one heart fills with love
While another lies broken
And both are fixed from above

What are words period
What is their purpose
When we have such a myriad
But not enough of us

The Door

There was a door. A large black door with rusted hinges and foreign words engraved in the wood. A thick substance oozed from the grain. She swallowed. No one needed to tell her this was a bad idea. Though no one was around. She didn’t know how long it had been since she had seen another soul. Nor could she count how many soulless creatures she encountered. Her skin prickled. They stared. That was all they did. Stared with hollow eyes as the same sticky fluid eased from their shapeless forms. She slowly moved for the long, ornate handle. A freezing cold reached out to her fingertips. She pulled her hand back. Surely there was a different way. There was a different way. The way she came. She peered over her shoulder. The narrow hallway with dim lights hanging every ten feet seemed to narrow. It also held the creatures. Dread filled her empty stomach. She couldn’t go back down the hall. Even if she did, there was no telling when she would see daylight again. She didn’t know how long she had been underground. And she had nowhere to go. But there was the door. Sweat trickled down her temples. If it was her only option, then so be it. She grasped the handle and pushed with all her might. An unseen force whisked her into a blinding white light. She instantly knew she made the wrong decision. Ten seconds of light turned into the blackest darkness that swallowed her whole. The door claimed another soul.

V’s Intro

Veloketari is a character I’ve had in mind for awhile and finally decided to develop a little. Here is the first short story I’ve come up for her.

She sat regally upon her throne clad in her black, red, and dark blue dragon scale armor, her chest, arms, and legs wrapped in white dragon leather. Wild eyes round with excitement. Her two most trusted guard dragons fought over the latest intruder. They had been with her from the very beginning. They had practically raised her, made her their own. Bestowed upon her the name Veloketari, the Fire Queen of Dragons. Fire had been her first gift. And she excelled with that element.
She couldn’t remember her birth name. Honestly didn’t think she had one. She couldn’t remember anything before the dragons. But none of that mattered. That was her past. Her present was far more delicious. She stroked the small dragon in her lap as it rumbled contentedly. Patted the one perched on her shoulders.
The two large creatures finally settled on ripping the unlucky knight in half. Their talons easily picked away the armor. It took mere seconds for them to swallow their treat whole. They then began lapping up the blood so as their queen shouldn’t step in it.
Veloketari sighed, gracefully rising from her rarely used seat of power, carrying the baby dragon that was in her lap. Her bare feet carried her across the smooth stone of the massive throne room as the two black dragons guided her around what remained of the blood bath. She smiled at their concern. Kissed the snout of the one closest to her.
Both flanked her now. They all stared at the lusciously colored paradise that stretched out before them. She cocked a brow. How many useless knights, princes, and other lowly fleshlings tried to invade her castle and lands? How many morons sought to slay her family? Of course, none of them had come close to succeeding. Every single one had been eaten.
The lands had been selected and care for by the Veterrimis, the Ancient Ones. They wanted a realm for dragons and dragons only. The generations since had kept it that way.
An evil smile caressed her lips. She did enjoy destruction. Her toes curled around the edge of the outcropping that had been built above the highest waterfall. Water gushed forth then plummeted a few thousand feet, feeding the river below.
She set the small dragon down and nudged the other one off her shoulders. Something had to be done about the growing number of trespassers. She gave a shrill whistle. Counted to ten. Then spread out her arms and free fell off the ledge.
The pair of black dragons launched into the air and stayed near their queen until a bright blue dragon with jade green wings and magenta and purple underbelly scales soared in. Flattening her lime green back fins, Kliiera glided underneath Veloketari, who landed perfectly on her back.
Veloketari leaned against her dragon’s neck as they dove. Braced herself when Kliiera spread her wings. We must go to the council, she mentally spoke, not wishing to yell over the rushing wind. I must speak with them regarding the insolent fleshlings. They act as though they want war.
Kliiera gave a slight nod and pushed onward, acknowledging the black dragons as they settled on flying beside her.
The queen’s multi-colored eyes burned. I will bring them war. War and destruction, since that is what they seek.