Long Live the Monsters

Have you ever witnessed monsters come alive?
Try 43. Waiting. Sitting quietly, patiently in line.
The command rings out loud and clear.
And so begins the awakening.
One after another, their life-sources fire. A low, thunderous rumble that shakes you to the bone.
The single procession doubles into two columns and takes a few laps to become familiar with the territory. Their romping grounds for the next few hours.
A green flag waves violently.
The 43 take flight, fully alive, powered by over 800 horses.
But these aren’t your typical monsters under the bed just meant to scare. No, these monsters are out for the kill.
The rumble gains a higher pitch as the monsters scream for more. A whine that makes your ears bleed and your head pound.
Some bite off more than they can chew, spinning, crashing.
The whole field has to regroup.
But with each green flag comes a new unleashing. And with each green flag, they grow ever hungrier.
Mile after mile, turn after turn, each one is pushed to its extreme. But they take the abuse and still beg for more.
Laps wind down. This knowledge sends the monsters into an all-out frenzy. A death match to the end.
They know only one can be the victor.
White flag.
Any who can run in contention has to use it all now.
Pushed past their limits, they face the final four turns. There may be a leader now, but it’s not over ’til it’s over.
To the outsider, it goes by in a flash.
To the field, it’s an agonizing fight for the chance at victory.
What’s left of the 43 cross the line for the last time as the checkered flag informs them of the end of the match.
The winner burns rubber and unused fuel in celebration.
Exhausted, the others retreat to their selected lairs.
But the winner’s name will reign supreme.
Until next week.
When a screaming rumble like none other is fully unleashed to wreak havoc.
When 43 monsters awaken and shake the earth with their raw power and brute force. When another fight for the win breaks loose.
Long Live the Monsters.


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