My Own Little Paradise

I sprawled in the tall grass, watching the clouds leisurely pass overhead. The sun’s rays kept me delightfully warm. The sky was crystal blue without blemish. Clouds white and fluffy. A gentle breeze blew the overgrown grass into a quiet hiss. Each bird added its own tune when they so chose. For the time being, the clouds stopped their migration over the sun, which now shone in its prime. Grateful for this glorious day, I soaked up the sunshine. I closed my eyes and took in the warmth and the subtle sounds. Whenever the breeze blew, I picked up scents of grass and wildflowers. It was just the country and I. I was bothered by no one. Only the bugs came to visit me in my own little paradise. The sun kept me warm; the breeze kept me cool. And the only way I could describe it was perfection in its purest.


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