Run From the Curtain

I saw it coming. The curtain was coming fast. My dragon’s feet pounded the ground. I pressed closer to her neck, wishing her wing hadn’t been broken in the battle. Her muscles rippled underneath me as she tried to run faster. She knew it was coming, too. Her skin trembled with pain searing through her body. I threw a glance over my shoulder. The curtain followed us with tremendous speed. My dragon’s breathing hardened. I knew she wouldn’t last much longer with her limp wing dragging the ground. My eyes frantically searched the canyon for anywhere to take shelter. If we didn’t find high ground soon, the closing torrent of rain would flood this barren land. And we would be caught in the rushing water.

As soon as I finished my thought, I heard it. The distant roar of an impending flood. My dragon shrieked as she pushed on. She was just as scared as I was. I continued searching. “There!” I screamed, pointing to the right. A natural rock ramp led to a cave that seemed high enough for shelter. She veered. I stole another glance behind. Immediately faced forward. I knew I had to be pale. The impending flood was coming faster than anticipated.

My dragon gave a strong push of her rear haunches and jumped onto the stone ramp. Her bottom jaw hung slack, and her long tongue dangled. In a single second, we were drenched. It felt refreshing at first. Then the bullet rain stung. Seemed to pierce our flesh. I squinted at the cave. It appeared big enough. My dragon only needed a few more bounds. She gently grabbed me with her teeth and tossed me to safety, trying to follow. Her talons slipped on the wet rock. The flood had rushed us. The boiling waters swallowed her bottom half and ripped her away. I scrambled to the edge, reaching out. But my dragon was gone.


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