When a Siren Comes Home

The sun began its slow descent into the horizon, where the water touched the sky. I slowly waded along the white sand still warm from the day. The ocean leisurely lapping my bare feet. Crabs unburied themselves one by one as night quickly came upon us. Grainy wind caught my hair, whipping it behind me. I closed my eyes. The sound of rushing waves filled my ears. The smells of salt and sand filled my nostrils. The warm water played with my feet. It all felt right. Everything seemed as it should be. Why I ever left the ocean, I’ll never fully understand. But now I was home. I just had to wait a few more moments. So I continued. Continued strolling along the shore. Until the ball of fire fully extinguished into the never-ending waters. I fully turned to the sea, skin prickling with anticipation. It called to me. Sung to me, as it always had done. I hummed. Slowly at first. Then I looked onward. Everything was black. Save for the tumbling white caps starting to head for shore. My humming intensified. It seemed hard to tell sky from water. Then my eyes completely adjusted. No, the ocean was darker. I smiled. I didn’t know how high the sky went, nor did I care to know. The depths of the sea held far more secrets. My toes curled up wet sand as another wave lapped me. I couldn’t resist any longer. The calling pulled me in. It yearned for me. But I had to do this right. I waded out to waist deep. Current pulling on me, wanting me to join it. I couldn’t help but grin. It wanted me as much as I wanted it. My song effortlessly slipped out my vocal chords as I walked deeper. Singing softly to the water. Brushing my fingers against the waves. One step at a time. Each deliberate step sending the passion in my voice higher. The water was chest deep now. My melody reaching its highest pitch. I lifted my eyes to the full moon. There would be many tired sailors on the sea tonight. I glanced over my shoulder at the shore many yards behind me. A zombiefied human blindly stumbled into the ocean. My eyes glistened as I continued. It was time to say goodbye to the land. Abruptly ending my luring song, I dove head first into the water. It enveloped me. Made me one. My legs fused into the tail I loved so much and never should’ve forsaken. The ocean told me the human followed suit, told me the human was being yanked to the murky bottom. I swam through the black waters, my song starting again, echoing through the endless abyss. I was finally where I belonged. With another enticed death to prove it. I was finally home. And it was time for me to find my jolly sailor bold. Bubbles escaped with my wicked laugh. Every man needed to be reminded of the luring of the watery grave. The jolly sailor bolds….


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