Hunted or Haunted?

There is a monster that pursues me. Both at night and during the day. I call it a monster, but I think it’s actually of the demon kind. I can no longer distinguish if it’s hunting or haunting me. It follows me with ravenous jaws, attacking with Hell’s fury. All my life, I had seen this creature, and I’m not sure how much life I have left. It comes at me in my dreams. But when I awake, it lurks in every shadow, waiting to strike. I estimate its haunches to peak at ten feet with its back gradually sloping to a mechanical tail ending with a sharp spike. Its body is a gross mixture of robotics, bones, and decaying flesh and muscles. It oozes green tinted blood and another clear liquid. Chunks of flesh fall off it, swarmed with fat maggots. Black smoke escapes its spine as it grinds into place. It drips its own blood and oil. Serrated talons end its mechanical paws. A large, mutated animal skull serves as its head, with red glowing eyes. I can’t distinguish what animal the skull belongs to, though it appears mostly feline. I have run until I can run no more. I have been exhausted until my last breath. But I have never been able to stop. I must always keep running, as it still pursues. I hide now. Hide in the small crevices it can’t reach. Yet, it does me no good. The demon detaches a humanoid creature to chase me down. It’s the same sick mesh of material, though it boasts a human skull with a full set of fangs. It crab-walks along its belly and is much faster than I anticipate. I only make it so far until the vile creature is upon me. It crawls all over me, tearing me apart, smashing my bones. I don’t die. Only sob and scream. Continuing to mutilate me, it searches. Then, when I’m entirely shredded, it dislodges my soul. Consumes it and returns to its host demon. My world slowly fades to black. After all these years, after all the times I had escaped, it rises as victor. This monster, this demon that had plagued me since childhood finally acquired my soul. And even in my soulless death, I still see it. I see its evil face and smile as it heads off to hunt and haunt another piece of prey. I die in a forgotten grave. But maybe someone will do what I could not–send that demon straight back to the Hell from which it came.


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