Light Moth

In the depths of the arcane caves flutters a creature on silent wings. Many presume its existence to be a myth. It rarely shows itself to any type of being. Some speculate it’s a specter. Others, a legend. I am here to prove its existence. I have seen it. Normally, I pursue the different species of dragons, but when I stumbled across the stories, I knew I had to seek its presence. The discoverer in me cannot resist such temptation.

The cavernous system was untouched by humans. Even by me. I had no previous knowledge of it. The damp tunnels wound like an unending labyrinth. I was caught in a maze I knew nothing of. But my journey had been a prepared one. I managed with only a few spills.
I assumed I was towards the end of my journey when strange light guided me. It was sporadic. Shining brightly, disappearing altogether, emerging with a soft glow. There was no pattern. Finally, the light extinguished, and I was once again forced to rely on my fading torch.
Water echoed through the underground. Great gushes foretold of a waterfall awaiting my presence. Indeed, my hearing proved me correct. A moving curtain of water descended…no! Ascended! Never in my life had a seen such a natural defiance of gravity. It was astonishing. Being the curious soul I am, I stuck my calloused fingers into the backwards stream. Bright blue particles emerged from my hand and permeated the waters, slowly dissipating further upwards.
It was breathtaking. Beyond any word could describe. I considered myself lucky to experience such a spectacular phenomenon. My curiosity took reign. I boldly shoved my torch into the water-rise.
You can imagine my surprise when I pulled back my torch. It was not doused but reinvigorated with new life! An ethereal flame of turquoise tinted white moved more fluidly than any fire should. It produced no smoke.
I knew I had one thing to do. Without any sense of hesitation, I jumped through the water-rise. My nerves became a million tingles as the waters brushed me by.
My feet landed on solid ground. I let go of my held breath and opened my eyes to see more magnificence. I was in a cavern maybe 300 yards (my number could be off. Some parts I couldn’t see.) in diameter. There seemed to be no ceiling. A small pool rested in the exact center. These waters were translucent and possessed varying hues of aqua and turquoise. My torch gracefully flickered out, but there was still plenty of light. Enchanted crystals of every color imaginable protruded from the rock walls.
I peered into the pool. A whole world thrived beneath the seemingly glass surface. There were no boundaries, no limits to the water’s domain under the surface. Ancient fish of various sizes milled about their business. Swimming in and out of view. But I could only delight for a few moments. For then, I saw it.
At first, it appeared in shots. As if stuck in a frame by frame play. As if stuck between realities or dimensions. Seconds felt like minutes, but it flickered into plain view.
A moth. A moth the size of an Arab horse silently hovered. Its feathery antennae curled out to me as softly rounded black eyes studied me. Its dainty legs were held close to its fuzzy body. Wings illuminating with every beat. The veins in its wings glowed with a soft golden light. It seemed like the light itself was just so delicate. A pattern ensued. I think it wanted to communicate with me.
But I was entranced. My torch clattered to the ground. I slowly shook my head. My brain could not properly function. I did not know what it wanted. Had this illusive creature deemed me worthy to look upon it? I continued staring. What else could I do? Not my finest moment, no.
The glowing veins grew more intense. Finally, a bright flash of light blinded me. Everything in me went numb. I came to understand I was paralyzed. For a few moments, yes. When my eyes regained normal vision, I realized I had been transported. I was above ground. A tingling sensation overcame my body as my nerves came back to me.
I must admit, I was in a stupor for quite some time. My senses remained in overkill for awhile as well. Obviously, I have recovered. But I had immediately set up camp for the night and came straight to my journal. I’m sure I have missed some details. And once I fully regain myself, I will attempt to provide a map of the cave system. For now, I bid the world good night as I try to rid myself of this splitting headache.

Sir Ransom Mire, Itinerant


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