A Knight’s Will

The clouds slowly peeled back
To reveal a sky painted red
It mirrored a memorial
Of the blood that had been shed
And the spirits underground fed

He forced himself above the carnage
Limped onto a rock proud and tall
The burning sun cast its crimson light
So he could see those who’d suffered maul
For his comrades, he sounded a call

Silence berated the soul survivor
The sound of nothing broke his heart
No voice would answer him
It pierced him cruelly like a dart
As he knew he had to part

The bleeding sun was snuffed away
How fast the consuming darkness fell
He remained on his watchful perch
For one man, his soul he would sell
Yet this was his story to tell

At last he had to take his leave
His time for unwanted departure came
So he trudged on to find some hope
Though his arm and leg were lame
War was certainly a cruel game

He gazed up at the brightening stars
It appeared the battle had been won
Even if he was left by himself
His fellow knights’ time was done
But he, he would fight for the eon

Nothing would destroy his will
Not even the past gruesome fight
Nor the grievances for his friends
For he had always been a beacon of light
That would shine forever with all his might



Stress. A six-lettered monster. Maybe even a six-lettered demon. It’s a word, an idea, a lifestyle. It conquers good, consumes dreams, abolishes hope. It’s such a small word, but its meaning knows no bounds. Why do we become slave to it? It haunts our days, torments our nights. It’s always at the back. Whispering to us. Letting us know it’s still there. Then it becomes a tumbling roar that shakes us to the core and pains our minds. But why, though? Why do we let stress become our unrelenting master? We know its vileness. Know of its powers. Know that it’s toxic to our soul. It keeps us from moving forward. Still. Why? Many don’t understand why. It loves to silently take over until we can’t deny it any longer. Then we realize we’re too deep. We choose to live with it. We choose to accept it. Why don’t we listen to the small voice telling us to break free?! We can break the chains! But that would be too hard. It is painful, no one denies that. But we can be free! All we have to do is choose! Everyday, choose. Say goodbye to the ravenous fiend. It means nothing. Make it leave you alone. Tell it it’s no longer your master. Speak you’re no longer its slave. Be free. Choose to live in the light. Choose to be happy. Be your own master. Choose.


My wish? You want to know my wish? Oh, stop, you’re making me laugh. But you still want to know, you say? You flatter me. You really do. To think that I would have a wish so innocent to tell you. What’s that? You think I’m innocent? You think there’s no way a sweet little thing like me could be nothing but innocent. I see. Well, you are partially right, I’ll give you that. I am innocent. I am naive. Then what’s so wrong with my wish? If I told you, that would be telling you my wish in a way. But maybe I can get around it. If I were to have one wish and that wish were to come true, let’s just say the world as we know it would be in pieces. Death, destruction, and despair would stalk every corner. Souls would be tortured. Lives abandoned. An evil chaos would reign free. Your wide eyes tell me everything I need to know about your reaction. And you know what? There are many wishes that could ultimately lead to that outcome. But you’re smart. You can tell by my voice I have one specific wish in mind. Oh, I do. Everyone has a dark side, you see. I’m still not telling. What’s that? You want to tell me your wish? How cute. You wish to know what my wish is. You’re making me laugh again. But I see you don’t like my black fog as I disappear into the shadows. You’re in pain. I won’t make it stop. Why? Because you brought this upon yourself. You know how the saying goes. I can’t help but grin. “Be careful what you wish for.”