A Knight’s Will

The clouds slowly peeled back
To reveal a sky painted red
It mirrored a memorial
Of the blood that had been shed
And the spirits underground fed

He forced himself above the carnage
Limped onto a rock proud and tall
The burning sun cast its crimson light
So he could see those who’d suffered maul
For his comrades, he sounded a call

Silence berated the soul survivor
The sound of nothing broke his heart
No voice would answer him
It pierced him cruelly like a dart
As he knew he had to part

The bleeding sun was snuffed away
How fast the consuming darkness fell
He remained on his watchful perch
For one man, his soul he would sell
Yet this was his story to tell

At last he had to take his leave
His time for unwanted departure came
So he trudged on to find some hope
Though his arm and leg were lame
War was certainly a cruel game

He gazed up at the brightening stars
It appeared the battle had been won
Even if he was left by himself
His fellow knights’ time was done
But he, he would fight for the eon

Nothing would destroy his will
Not even the past gruesome fight
Nor the grievances for his friends
For he had always been a beacon of light
That would shine forever with all his might


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