And here we have Moonshadow, my only true “bad boy” so far. 


Moonshadow’s Intro

Moonshadow sat on the new cathedral’s ledge, dangling a leg off the stone outcropping. He twirled his knife as he watched Lest’s townspeople below. Saluting with two fingers at all who took the time to notice him. But they all knew he was up there, waiting to make a living off the unsuspecting person.
He wondered how long it would take for authorities to arrest him. But even they didn’t want anything to do with him. He stretched his leathery wings to their full span, soaking up the moonlight. No one dared lay claim to him. Not even his own mother.
A breeze whisked his jet black hair behind him. His reptilian eyes closed. Then they flashed open. But this was how he liked it. To be alone. He loved solitude. It was, after all, all he’d known. Leaning back, he smiled with contempt. Besides, this was still his town. He was the king here. Who cared if they all despised him? He didn’t.

A New Wonder

Water. Water everywhere. It fell from the sky in the most spectacular fashion. And oh, how the wind could shift it! The water would fall straight down, at a steep slant, then back again. It came in glorious waves. How could he not have his face pressed against the glass? On his world, water never came from the sky. He finally couldn’t hold back his fascination any longer. This strange water beckoned him. He sprinted outside and flung out his arms. The chilly liquid pattered against his orange-tinted skin and pale yellow hair. It was exhilarating! He turned his head skyward. Only to shake it and blink when drops entered his eyes. But he still smiled. Pivoting, he motioned for his scaled pet to join him. When it refused, he went back in and grabbed the medium-sized creature. Ignoring its protests and squirms. A laugh escaped him as he ran around, carrying his pet. This was the most fun he ever had. The most joy he ever felt. He knew no one at home would believe him, but he couldn’t wait to tell them about the water that fell from the sky.