Mirror, Mirror

I sit on the bed
Alone in the light
Then I hear the tapping
That always familiar rapping
Try tuning it out as I might
It’s never just in my head

I decide giving in
Against all my heart speaks
With everything it knows
Everything my brain shows
My emotions turn meek
Because I know how it’ll end

I creep down the eternal hall
Only getting the tapping stopped
That comes from the bathroom mirror
The glass turns everything clearer
An image of me appears cropped
With my back hung on the wall

I see a grotesque picture
An ugly face I see as mine
The revolting double makes me cry
Sends me forever on the fly
As I balance a thin line
Searching for a mental cure

I know it’s mere depiction
Of how I view my own
It leaves me stressed
Never fails leaving me depressed
Fashioning faults known
Of my pitiful condition

I realize I can take it no longer
Destroying myself inside out
Then something begins happening
Something my heart starts snapping
My thoughts no more will cloud
For the real me I hunger

I decide taking a stand
One against illusionary hate
Against that bathroom mirror
The glass making everything clearer
What is needed is a clean slate
One forged by my hand

I fist the distorted reflection
The portrayal falling like cards
Clinking to the cold surface
Landing in their rightful place
Only leaving a few shards
A beautiful me in the section

I sprawl on my bed
At home in the light
Never do I hear the tapping
Nor the incessant rapping
Because I had used my might
Bringing peace to heart and head


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