“If you love something, let it go.” I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this. How many times I’ve disregarded it. How did it make any sense? If you love something, you should never let it go. You should cherish it. I suppose, now, I understand the phrase. Came to terms with the meaning. Yes, cherish who and what you love. Cherish everything. But love is many things. It keeps us bound yet keeps us apart. Keeps us strong yet weak. Keeps us happy yet sad. Love is so much more than four letters. More than any word can ever describe. The most important quality of love is un-selfishness. Giving your heart and soul to another. Putting them above yourself. Yet, sometimes their needs require you to sacrifice them. That’s where the opening phrase comes into play. Sometimes, love requires us to do the unthinkable: setting what we love free. There can be consequences if we don’t. Watching them slowly fade, become distant. Become resentful, spiteful. Attacking everything they can. We want to be selfish and desperately hold on to them for our sake, I know. I know all too well. But sometimes–they’re hard times–but sometimes we have to let go. Let what we love be free. It hurts. Man, it hurts. In the end, it will turn out for the best. In the end, what we love will finally and truly be happy. I understand that now. I know I will realize what I’ve done, and the wound will reopen…but I must remind myself it’s all in love. I’m letting go because of love. Even as I write, I cry. It does feel like a piece of me is gone. One that can never be replaced. The only thing I know to do is fill the hole with the knowledge that what I love is happy. I couldn’t provide the happiness that was needed. Somehow, it will all be okay though I let go. It’s bittersweet. And it’s all because of love.


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