Black Ice and Demise

Just because I wear mask doesn’t mean I’m hiding. Just because I look completely different from my usual self doesn’t mean I’m ashamed of who I really am. Just because I wear black doesn’t mean I’m mourning. And just because I was trained in the way of the ninja doesn’t mean I’m an assassin.
But everything I’m trying to prove right is wrong. I am trying to hide. I am ashamed of my real self. I am mourning. And I am an assassin.
I am Black Ice.
And true to my name, I can be hard to see. Occasionally, my invisibility is great enough, I can’t find myself. I’m left wandering through the world, trying to find my true self. All the while wondering if my new identity can be trusted.
Frankly, I don’t trust anyone. Especially myself. That is, until he showed up. He’s the one person I can feel myself trusting.
He found me one of the times I returned to Japan. He dropped in and fought off a mercenary I had been battling. I’ve let him follow me ever since.
He’s tall and well-muscled. With large, strong hands. He would need them with that heavy medieval sword he packs around. No shirt. Black pants and shoes. Hooded cloak covering his right side at all times. It’s blood red and ripped. I assume from countless battles. His face remains pitch black under the hood, and I assume he also wears a mask by the white eye covers.
He never speaks. Doesn’t motion. Never uses body language. I know not where he’s from. Don’t know why he chose to follow me. Don’t even know his name.
I wanted to name him Red Shadow, but he’s not ninja. His fighting style makes that clear. I call him Demise, for whoever he chooses to swing that double-edged sword on is sure to meet their death. And if he was to stay with me, he needed an assassin’s name.
But he’s not exactly an assassin. The only people I know he’s killed are those that had been hired to kill me. But he is Demise. As I am Black Ice. I’m an assassin with a silent guardian. So those that seek either of our lives may be warned. You will meet a cold death at the end of our blades.


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