Monition Beyond the Grave

Exactly how far gone
Can a soul be
Before it’s considered lost
How far would you go
To save the soul
At every dying cost

How far lost
Can a soul be
Before it’s considered broken
How much time would you spend
To the soul mend
And a second chance be given

How far broken
Can a soul be
Before it’s considered dead
How much would you take back
Empathy your own soul lack
Every last moment you dread

How far dead
Can your soul be
After everything you’ve done
You betrayed me
So your own soul freed
You’re the one who should be gone


Mermaid’s Origin

She screamed, kicked, pleaded, but they refused to listen. They were going to throw her overboard. The only reason she stowed away was to be with Jack. Yet, even he agreed to dispose of her and brought the rope to tie her legs together. They planned on letting her drown. “Jack, please! Please don’t do this. I only came because I love you and promised never to be apart from you!” The sailor didn’t so much as glance at her. “You know women are bad luck aboard ships. You’re nothing but a bad omen.” He tightened the knot, causing her to flinch. Tears streamed down her cheeks. She had been betrayed over a silly superstition. Her legs ached from the way they had her ankles tied with her feet pointing in opposite directions. But she turned silent. Gave them no more emotion, save for the tears tracing her face. Then they tossed her over. She crashed into the sea below. Her world becoming a blurr. Trying her best to stay afloat, she watched the ship leave her behind. It didn’t take long for her to tire, and her head slipped beneath the waves. The salt water burned her eyes, nose, and throat with ferosity. She couldn’t breathe. Her lungs begged for oxygen. Vision hazing. Mind fading. It wouldn’t be long before she died. But the farther she sank into the cold, the more she felt alive. Everything burned from the salt; however, something was different. She passed the notion away once she hit the ocean floor. She was gone, dead. These were her final moments. A series of clicking made her open her eyes. Expecting dolphins, she was shocked to see a handful of mermaids. They clicked some more until one approached her. “Do not be afraid. You have been saved. You’re breathing the water, yet you don’t realize it. Given some time, you’ll become one of us.” She stared at their flesh-colored tails that resembled a dolphin’s. She would become one of them? It was better than dying. She pulled at the ropes uncomfortably binding her legs. The head mermaid placed a hand on her arm. “I know it seems unfair, but that will help you learn to swim and produce a tail faster. But it will be removed. We will aid you. Did sailors throw you overboard?” She nodded, wanting to cry if it wasn’t for the salt water. Her supposed love had thrown her overboard. The mermaid gave a sympathetic smile. “That’s what happened to us. That’s how mermaids exist. We’re all like you. Take heart. You’ll get your revenge. They don’t call us sirens for nothing.”

It took three years, but she was a mermaid as the rest of the colony. They gave her the name Odessa–after the ship she came from. It took three years, but she finally tracked that blasted ship. Flicking her tail harder, she propelled to the front of the white vessel. Poked her head up. Began singing in a lovely scratched voice as the salted ocean left all their throats scarred. It wasn’t long before the men were gaping at her from the bow. She spied Jack. So she sang harder. Despite her burninh throat. The pain was worth it. She would have her revenge. She led them to the treacherous rocks. It wasn’t long before the ship crashed and began sinking. The crew went into a fury, but she lured them into the water. Jack swam to her, eyes searching her. “I-I-I…” She smiled, her teeth sharpened as a shark’s. “You were right. I am a bad omen.” His eyes widened, and she lunged at him, biting through his neck and dragging him deeper into the depths. Watched the blood and life leave him. Left him to sink to the bottom. Then she returned to her sisters, helping them finish the remaining crew. It was true they were murderers. True they were sirens, mermaids. True they lurked beneath the waves. But they only targeted ships that drowned innocent lives. There was a clan of mermen who practiced the same law. Her head broke the surface, the water reaching right below her eyes. She smiled. It wouldn’t be long before they brought down the fate of the next ship. Diving, her tail slapped the water.

Beneath the Surface

Because there is something in the water. That was my answer whenever anyone asked me why I liked the lake so much. It was true. Something was out there. I felt drawn to it. Much like my mother had been. It was why I now stood on the creaking dock. This lake had claimed more lives than anything else in the town. Days before people drowned, all they could talk about was the lure of the lake. It’s all I’ve been talking about. My toes curled around the rotten wood. This lake was forbidden to enter. Then why did I feel so drawn to it? Why would it call upon me? I was going to find out. The lake would claim another victim. I dove into the darkness, the cold water swallowing me whole. I felt it. I felt the same comforting feeling as when my mother cuddled me when I was young. I never wanted to leave it. So I accepted it. Opening my eyes, I let myself sink. Then a blue-tinted face appeared. I screamed, bubbles leaving my mouth. The air escaped from my lungs. Two pasty hands grabbed my face and brought it to the dead girl’s lips. She kissed me long and hard. I realized I was breathing. Breathing the water. What I had assumed was a lifeless body smiled. Spoke to me through her mind. ‘You have been chosen. The Lady of the Lake chose another child.’ I was baffled, but I accepted it. Didn’t question it. I tried the mind communication. ‘If this works, who are you?’ She smiled. ‘The one chosen to bring you new life. Come. Join your fellow brothers and sisters. Reunite with your mother.’ My heart skipped a beat. I wanted nothing more than to feel the embrace of my mother once more. I followed the blue-tinted girl. Understanding I could gradually see farther under the water. I could see I was following a mermaid. She glanced over her shoulder. ‘Your tail should form within the week, though we carry no concept of time. It is one of the Lady’s gift to us.’ I simply followed. No one on land would ever see me again. My friends, family, the police would all presume me lost. Not that it mattered. I was home now. Why the Lady of the Lake chose me, I may never know. But I was home. In the murky waters of this lake. In the depths of darkenss I could see through. In the warm, comforting feeling that still hadn’t passed. I had known all along that there was something in the water. I had always known. Because if you feel hard enough, you know something or someone lies just beneath the surface.

Time of Death

Tick Tick Tick
On the Face
Waiting on the Clock
The Smallest Hand
Moving Slowest
Never Making Round
Tick Tick Tick
Never Ceasing
Only Moving
Such a Slow Pace
Dragging, Always Dragging
Killing Slowly
Tick Tick Tick
Relentlessly Killing
Second After Second
Minutes Never Approaching
Hours Far Away
Slow, Painful Death
Tick Tick Tick