Beneath the Surface

Because there is something in the water. That was my answer whenever anyone asked me why I liked the lake so much. It was true. Something was out there. I felt drawn to it. Much like my mother had been. It was why I now stood on the creaking dock. This lake had claimed more lives than anything else in the town. Days before people drowned, all they could talk about was the lure of the lake. It’s all I’ve been talking about. My toes curled around the rotten wood. This lake was forbidden to enter. Then why did I feel so drawn to it? Why would it call upon me? I was going to find out. The lake would claim another victim. I dove into the darkness, the cold water swallowing me whole. I felt it. I felt the same comforting feeling as when my mother cuddled me when I was young. I never wanted to leave it. So I accepted it. Opening my eyes, I let myself sink. Then a blue-tinted face appeared. I screamed, bubbles leaving my mouth. The air escaped from my lungs. Two pasty hands grabbed my face and brought it to the dead girl’s lips. She kissed me long and hard. I realized I was breathing. Breathing the water. What I had assumed was a lifeless body smiled. Spoke to me through her mind. ‘You have been chosen. The Lady of the Lake chose another child.’ I was baffled, but I accepted it. Didn’t question it. I tried the mind communication. ‘If this works, who are you?’ She smiled. ‘The one chosen to bring you new life. Come. Join your fellow brothers and sisters. Reunite with your mother.’ My heart skipped a beat. I wanted nothing more than to feel the embrace of my mother once more. I followed the blue-tinted girl. Understanding I could gradually see farther under the water. I could see I was following a mermaid. She glanced over her shoulder. ‘Your tail should form within the week, though we carry no concept of time. It is one of the Lady’s gift to us.’ I simply followed. No one on land would ever see me again. My friends, family, the police would all presume me lost. Not that it mattered. I was home now. Why the Lady of the Lake chose me, I may never know. But I was home. In the murky waters of this lake. In the depths of darkenss I could see through. In the warm, comforting feeling that still hadn’t passed. I had known all along that there was something in the water. I had always known. Because if you feel hard enough, you know something or someone lies just beneath the surface.


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