A Journal Page

This is an excerpt from the novel I’m working on. Hope you enjoy.

January 1st,

The pureness of snow has been tainted red with blood. I killed my first dragon today. Ironic it’s the first of the year. I made this journal from its skin. My mission is taking care of the rogues. The ones who desire to bring harm to others. It’s not an easy task. The rogues are fearless, strong, determined. They will not stop until they complete their personal missions. My duty is to complete mine first. My brother discovered there was a trace of knight in our family from long ago. They were unrecognized, doing what must be done. I realize it is my turn to resurrect the mantle. My brother is not capable of causing death. I must bear the weight for him. Another thing about the rogue dragons—they’re also human. Technically, they’re humans with the capability of transformation. I like to think of them as were-dragons. The one I slew today was named Cory. It wasn’t easy. I still can’t wash all the blood off my hands. Ironic I live in St. George, named after the famous dragon slayer. Maybe he’s kin. I must report to Lord Jett.

Kyle Rivers.


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