When the Sky Bled

A gentle patter made me lift my eyes from the torn pages bound in my hands. I gazed out the window. How could it be raining? Daylight shone brilliantly in my single bedroom home. Placing the book on the floor, upon which I sat, I crawled to the window. Peered through the glass. Light rain fell. How could this be? Curiosity reigned every nerve. I threw open my door and sprinted out into the open. Turned skywards. There were no clouds. Yet, water touched my skin. Moistened soil reached my nostrils. It was, indeed, raining. A fat drop landed on my arm. I studied it. The liquid wasn’t clear. It shone the same color blue as the sky. Shielding my eyes, I looked up again. The blue rain strengthened and soon soaked me. Everything else the droplets touched tinted the color of the sky. This was certainly a phenomenon. I desired to alert someone, but no one was to be alerted. It had always just been me. So I stayed in my spot. Lifted my head once more. The blueness above slowly faded. The sky was bleeding. It bled over everything. Gave its essence to the earth below. But why? Why would the sky choose to do such a thing? I continued watching. The sky turned stark white. That was when the bleeding stopped. That was when I realized I had been alone for a reason and my reality was not real. I pivoted to retreat to my house, but I could not go anywhere. A devilish, grinning figure stood before me, seductive voice uttering simply, “Hello.”


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