Second Chances

What would we give to have a second chance? To say the things we should’ve said and taken back what we shouldn’t have? What would we give to use our time more wisely? To make that visit or call? To not be inconvenienced by selfish needs? In truth, we never know what we would give until all is lost. We never stop and think about those we know. We refuse to share our lives until it’s too late. And then what? We’re filled with sorrow, dread. Filled with regret and hate for ourselves. All we can do is sit and contemplate what we could’ve done, what we should’ve done. But no. We were too busy living our own lives. We don’t have time for that distant family member or friend. We lie to ourselves. Tell ourselves they should’ve reached out first. Did we ever stop to think they were telling themselves the same thing? Did we ever stop to think about them at all? No. Of course not. And even if we did, it was a fleeting moment that quickly passed. We never made that call or visit. Though we deceived ourselves we would. We never took back the wrong things we said, never said the right things. Not all of us get a second chance. For some of us, the time with someone has passed. We’ll never get to feel that hug or see that smile. We’ll never get to see their eyes light up when they’re happy or darken when they’re upset. We’ll never get to hear their voice, hear that laugh. All we hear is silence. All we see is a stone marking what could’ve been and what will never be. All we feel is loss and depression. All we realize now is that we were too late. And all we can wonder is what we would’ve given to have that second chance.

In memory of the ones we’ve lost. And perhaps, the ones we can still save.


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