Ah, Sauvigon. My favorite place in the universe. If only the written word could portray the sarcasm I feel. Sauvigon is the largest city that would be Ultima Thule. In fact, it’s the capital, unowned by any province. It’s the most advanced place around, providing technology to the rest of the lands. Sauvigon is mainly overrun with humans and elves. Every race has many citizens, however. I must say, seeing the fairies flit about is quite the spectacle. Be wary of the pixies. If you manage to make them mad, they’ve been known to drop nuts, bolts, screws, and even scrap metal on those who anger them. Then again, they often do it for their own entertainment. It’s not fun either way.

While the grand city reaches to the sky with all its horrid glory, it’s surrounded by a large metal wall enchanted not to rust. Wood is too weak of a material, I suppose. Sauvigon has the best military around. Elves being the archer division; centaurs a specialized calvary; berserkers for the charging division; angels, mounted griffins, dragons, and pegasi for the air strike; dwarves make up the underground assault; humans fill in where their needed; so on and so forth. There are rumors the military is proposing robotic warriors. If that happens, Ultima Thule is in for quite the change. Progress, as they say. I’m not sure I want to be here if that progress comes out to play. I’ll have to find a new continent to explore. Moving on.

Sauvigon is also home to the Draco Ex Machina. The Machine Dragons. They’re quite spectacular. For much more money than I’d like to possess, one can go to the Factoreous Makigon and build their own dragon, which can then be programmed from servant to companion to taxi to guard. Even though many don’t consider the machine dragons to be real dragons, I beg to differ. I have sensed a personality in one. I believe them to be real dragons, and I will include them in my dragon encyclopedia I’ve been toying with. I’ve encountered intelligent robots. The machine dragons are no exception.

If you’re not overrun by the noise and fast-paced lifestyle, I suppose Sauvigon can be…decent. It’s definitely not my cup of tea. I only enter its domain when necessary. And first-time travellers beware. Thieves of all kinds run rampant on the metal streets. I recommend speaking with someone who’s a native before visiting. Not to mention finding a map. To say the city is a maze is an understatement. There’s no real pattern to the roads. I pride myself on being an expert at navigating the wilderness. I don’t even dare understand how Sauvigon is laid out. Perhaps that’s the beast within me, wanting to be surrounded by the wild.

What else can I say about Sauvigon? Besides stay away from it if you can. Unless you prefer that lifestyle. But I’m not sure if anything else is notable. I refuse to spend much time within its borders. Perhaps I’ll revisit this at a later entry, when I have to delve deeper into the mechanical city for more research on the Draco Ex Machina. Oh. Do not, under ANY circumstances, anger the well-armed guards. If you thought angry pixies were bad, you have no idea. They love to make large spectacles of executing those who cross them. On that wonderful note, I bid the world good night as I wrack my brain to see if I left out anything important.

Sir Ransom Mire, Intinerant


Red Moon, Mysterious Moon

Crimson light covers the land
Holding death within its hand
Who could do this but the red moon
No one but the mysterious moon
As it slowly comes up the rise

Beings emerge from the ground
Answering their call and sound
Who beckons them but the red moon
No one but the mysterious moon
As it seals the living’s demise

Slaughter fills the starless night
Innoncents clinging with their might
Who enjoys this but the red moon
No one but the mysterious moon
As it feeds from lamenting cries

Blood spoils a wasted earth
Destroyer filling with mirth
Who gloats on this but the red moon
No one but the mysterious moon
As it counts decimated lives

Crimson light fades the land
Death escaped from its hand
Who did this but the red moon
No one but the mysterious moon
As it returns down the rise

Don’t Forget to Doubt Me

Don’t forget to doubt me. Anyone can be deceiving. You know the saying about appearances. To many, I seem like the naive, innocent angel who wouldn’t harm a fly. But smart devils neve plan murders aloud. You may think you can trust me. Just realize I can be one of the first people to stab you in the back. You may think my arms are the safest place for you. However, you must know how easy it is to crush someone’s throat. You may think my I’m being flirtateous. Darling, I could kill you with the wink of my eye. How would you know I haven’t laced your drink? Have you forgotten many poisons are colorless, tasteless, and odorless? Do you honestly believe everything I tell you is truth? Oh, hun. It’s so easy for me to lie. It’s so easy for me to put on masks and pretened to be someone I’m not. Yet, at the same time, it’s so hard for me to be myself. I may act like I have everything pulled together when there’s nothing but chaos threatening my insanity. I can tell you I’m fine when I’m falling apart. I often lose myself to my inner demons though I say I vanquished them. And just because I make something look easy doesn’t mean I’m not struggling. One thing is true. I will tell you many things you may forget. I’ll leave you to figure out which statements are honest and which are false. I will tell you to no longer be my friend. I will tell you to no longer be my lover. I will tell you I’m in it for the money. I will tell you the words coming from my mouth are lies. I will tell you my words are true. I will tell you how you’ll die. And then, I will tell you to forget everything I just said. However, remember these words. Don’t forget to doubt me.