The Interrogation

“It was I who yielded the blade that stopped the beating of his heart.”
“So you admit it, then? You murdered your husband.”
Tossing her blond hair from her face, she shot him a sidelong glance. “Are you deaf? Or can you simply not understand?”
The detective folded his hands in front of him. This woman tried his patience. “All I need is a simple yes or no. Not cryptic answers.”
He glanced at the recorder to make sure the light still blinked. “But why, Miss Porter? You were deemed the perfect wife. You attended every bake sale, regularly helped the community. What reason did you have to kill your husband?”
“I was thirsty. He refused to bring me a drink.”
His hands found his eyes. “So, you’re telling me you murdered Mr. Porter because he refused to bring you a drink?”
She sat back, a touch of grin tracing her red lips. “He wasn’t the first husband to refuse my request. He won’t be the last.”
“But you have no previous criminal record.”
“None that you know of.”
“Enlighten me.”
“You know nothing of the real world, do you?”
He shook his head. How much longer did he have to put up with this? “I know we’re in an interrogation room, and you’re chained to a metal desk. You murdered your husband and just admitted to other crimes. I also know you will tell me about these crimes, or I will become the bad cop. That is the real world.”
She rapped her red nails on the desk. Dark eyes searching the man before her. “The real world is that monsters live alongside humans. Integrated so intricately, you never know they’re there. Children are smart to be afraid. You should fear as well.”
“Now you’re trying to tell me monsters exist? Look. All I need you to do is confess your crimes. Then I can go home, and you can make yourself acquainted with a jail cell.”
“You know, the only reason I was caught was because I wanted to be.”
With a heavy sigh, he crossed his arms and leaned back. “And why’s that?”
A smile revealed perfectly white teeth. “Because the entire precinct is swarming with fellow monsters. I’m still thirsty.”
“I’m going to come back in an hour, and we’ll try this again. How does that sound?”
“It sounds like you’re refusing me my drink.” She rose with him, snapping the handcuffs off her wrists. Her eyes swirling black.
He turned around, only to be lunged upon. Claws dug into his flesh. He tried reaching for his radio or gun, but his fingers couldn’t reach. His body slowly numbed. He choked. “Miss Porter…”
“That is only one of many names I have gone by. But don’t worry.” She dragged a nail across his cheek. “I’ll leave enough fluid in you so you can stay alive. The others want pieces of you, too.” She bared several sets of fangs and chomped down.
His screams echoed throughout the building. Alerting the other monstrosities to come and fellowship.


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