A Bane of Creative Minds

“You’re going to school whether you like it or not!”

“I hate you!”

Her eyes lifted from her work as the ignorant neighbors below her continued their yelling match. Would she ever get any peace? The price she had to pay for apartment living, she supposed. She bent back over her short story in progress.

The front door below slammed closed, jarring the entire building.

She braced her desk like an earthquake had rumbled the state. A scowl formed. Was that neccessary? She glanced at her mug on the bookshelf to her right. There was a reason no drinks were allowed on her desk. Who knew when a slamming door would knock it over, spilling coffee all over her work. Let alone her own clumsiness. Pausing a few more seconds, she returned to the page.

The door slammed again.

A sharp breath escaped her. She glared out the window while the mother/daughter pair got into their car and abruptly closed those doors. How inconsiderate could people be? She wanted to yell at them. Scream at them they were ruining her creative mood. Did they know how hard it was to slip into a total zone of creativeness? She didn’t think so. Not that she thought highly of them to begin with. She watched the car pull away. Tried focusing for the third time.

The two ankle-biters below began barking.

Her eyes lifted once more. Seriously? She hadn’t intended on listening to music, but she had to, now. Once the dogs barked, nothing would shut them up. She had half a notion to leave a menacing note on the downstairs neighbors’ door. Telling them to shut up their dogs or she would. But what good would that do? With a sigh, she placed her headphones over her ears and cranked non-lyrical score music. “Just another day in the life,” she muttered to herself.


3 thoughts on “A Bane of Creative Minds

      1. Yeap, listening to music helps when you need inspiration for writing. So this dog although it would be annoying me, it would also be pushing me to gain inspiration. I’d still be upset though, especially if i had stop listening and the barking continued.

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