A Rose Upon the Snow


The snow did all but cover
All the bittersweet memories
Of this now-widowed mother
What she didn’t understand
Was why would Death come
For her wonderful man
Three kids with him she bore
Three darling, perfect angels
All under the age of four
They were forced inside
From this harsh winter day
While their mother continually cried
Her tears fell to the ground
Dissolving into the pure snow
Traces of sorrow not to be found
A single rose in her grip
Fringers tight around the stem
Wishing she was in the crypt
Thorns broke her calloused skin
Blood trickled off her hand
The drops met their untimely end
Just as he was taken too young
He had so much life to give
Why did Death have to come
She could not find a reason
But she would always remember
The chill that came with this season
Her eyes lifted to heavens above
Placed the rose upon the snow
A final token of their love
A crimson stain that would wash away
Though the pain in her heart would forever stay


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