Between the Worlds

Her lungs felt like they were going to explode. Her legs prickled as she pushed them harder. Arms felt numb. She didn’t know how long she had been running. But she had to get to him, had to help him. A short, high-pitched shriek echoed through the trees surrounding her. No! That thing couldn’t be here. Not now. She choked and gulped down more air. Trying to get her muscles to move faster. The air cooled considerably. Breaths appearing in short clouds. Her body trembled. Shorts and a tank top didn’t cover much. She tried to keep going, but her pace slowed. No! Her eyes squeezed shut in attempt to focus. That only made everything worse. The darkness caused by her eyelids shifted and spun, brain fluids swirling. She opened her eyes and outstratched her arms. All balance and sense of direction lost. As she hit the ground, she saw it. Caught a glimpse of the Nameless One. A tendril reached for her. A dark light flashed. When her vision refocused, she didn’t see the dark forest. She was in a bright meadow. “No!” she screamed. “You can’t do this! You can’t take me from my world to aid him then send me back when he needs me most!” She slammed her fists against the ground. She had spent two weeks in the other world. Learned its secrets and customs. Learened all about the Nameless One, who was an inter-dimensional spirit with a nasty habit of ruining people’s lives. Tears flowed. How could it be so cruel? He was going to die without her help! She beat the ground some more. Another flash. Except this time, her warrior was brought to her. She gasped and sprinted forward. Froze. His bloodied body fell in seemingly slow motion. His eyes were lifeless. The Nameless One ripped out a sword that morphed into a smokey tendril. She sunk to her knees. What? Why? “What is wrong with you?” she cried. But the Nameless One didn’t respond. It only cackled hideously as it slowly dissolved into another world.


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