Versatile Blogger Award



The Versatile Blogger Award is an award given to bloggers by bloggers. Things considered for the award include: the quality of writing, the uniqueness of subjects covered, the level of love displayed in the words on the virtual page, and the love put into the photographs that go with them. It is an award that honors bloggers who bring something special to your life every now and then.

Rules are as such:

  • Thank the person who nominated/gave you the award by including a link to their blog. Common curtesy.
  • Select 5-15 blogs/bloggers that you recently discovered or follow regularly and include links to their sites.
  • Finally, include seven things about yourself for everyone to see.


I have Myles Drysdale, author of Suitcases and Cynicism, to thank for my nomination. Please don’t expect any eloquent words from me, as I cannot find anything good to say. Other than thank you. I am deeply honored someone would find my writings enjoyable enough to nominate them. Suitcases and Cynicism is a recently discovered blog. What I’ve read has been very enjoyable, following a cynical traveller and the adventures he finds himself in. Please check out his page!

As far as nominating fellow bloggers…this is where it gets hard. I hate only selecting a few because I want to select them all! I am a woman and do not make choices very well. I will own up to that. But seeing that I have to choose, here are my nominations:

  • Daydreamer’s Diary  If you love dragons, this is the place to go. She has wonderful stories and art. And there might be a bit of bias in there as well….
  • LionAroundWriting  There is a whole hodge podge of things to discover on this blog. I’ve enjoyed everything that’s been posted.
  • Izzy Burton  This blog is mainly art, but her style is fantastic! The colors and content are always refreshing when I see them on the feed.
  • The Sons of Thunder  Here is the blog of an author. His works are amazing to read, and he has been very encouraging, as I’m aspiring to have my works published.
  • Your Sentence Here  A more recently discovered blog, what I’ve read hasn’t ceased to blow me away. His posts are meaningful and profound, words never wasted.
  • Chyfrin  He refers to himself as the Celtic Poet, and I do not disagree. Poetry isn’t just to ryhme, it’s also to tell stories. His works are simply breath-taking.

There! I have chosen six! That’s one more than the minimum. But, truly, everyone I follow is wonderful. Last, but not least, seven things about me. Hmm…to add something different than what’s on my About Page…..

  • I have a cat with a goatee patch, though she is a girl.
  • I may come off as shy at first, but I am completely crazy. (Ask my friends)
  • The Smokey Mountains in Tennessee are my ultimate happy place.
  • Spiders freak me out….I have severe arachnophobia.
  • The characters in my head are some of my best friends. (Ignore their advice)
  • I’ve always had a deep desire to be a mermaid.
  • I will eventually have a real pet dragon. No one can tell me otherwise….

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