Shadow Man


Personal art completed with graphite and charcoal on toned gray sketch paper.



The Unknown presence descended upon the mortal world with what it could pass as a smile. A devilishly wicked smile. It knew exactly what it was going to do and where it was going to go. With a cackle, it went for the nearest source of greed and discontent. Passing over rows and rows of vehicles stuck in lanes of traffic, where the mortals yelled and cursed at each other. Instead, it went to the largest retail establishment. Soared into the air as its form grew to blanket the entire store. Settled into position and waited for the fun to begin.

The mortals reacted accordingly, giving in to hatred, anger, greed, envy. Every single one who walked through the store doors was affected. Their hearts turned to stone. The unsuspecting retail associates suddenly dealing with irate customers who could not be pleased, even if the world was offered to them.

“This box is scratched. I need a discount.”

“This product is missing its price tag. I want it for free.”

“I want to speak to a manager.”

“What do you mean it’s ‘online only?'”

“This was on clearance online; I want that price.”

“I demand to speak to a manager.”

“You’re insanely rude for being in customer service.”

“Are you even listening to what I’m saying?”

“Get me your manager, now!”

“How dare you say I’m wrong. I don’t care if you work here. You are obviously stupid.”

“Do you think I’m fine if I’m obviously searching for something in particular?”

“Uh, it’s your job, right? Do it.”

And so the day went. The associates couldn’t wait until their shifts ended or the store closed. Whichever came first. They went home exhausted, devastated, depressed. Many ended up in tears, wondering why people could be so cruel. What would cause them to be this way? What would make them take out their personal problems on retail workers?

But the Unknown presence knew. It knew very well, indeed. And it would be back the next day to feed on the ignorance and strife. And the next day. The next day. All the days until the mortals ceased to exist. It would make sure their materialistic nature was at least good for something.

I Am the Storm

She stood with the quiet defiance of a self-assured queen. While the tempest around her raged on. The wind howled with a ferocity not seen in decades. Rain battered everything like an array of rapidly fired bullets. Still, she remained firm. Slowly stepping forward. One bare foot placed in front of the other.

All she had to do was make it across the natural stone bridge. Everyone deemed it impossible, that she would never make it to safety. But she would show them that she was the master of impossible. Her slender arms rose on either side of her.

Lightning struck the turbulent sea below her, sending salty spray to mix with the rain. The wind whipped her ebony hair about her face. Unfurled her crimson gown across the stone. Her pale skin contrasting the ash-colored skies. Still, she pursued onward.

Her striking eyes trained on the villagers that waited on solid ground. She was soaked to the bone, but she never felt the cold. Thunder rumbled the earth. Piece of rock plummeted into the crashing waves. More lightning streaked through the clouds. Yet, she crossed the natural stone bridge without hesitation. Startling the villagers as she strode by them. One called out, desperately trying to hang on for dear life, “How can you withstand this storm?”

She looked over her shoulder. A confident smile on her lips before she faded into the squall. “Darling, I am the storm.”





Round and round
Never ending
All around the bush
In circles
No yes
No no
No maybe
Just circles
No lies
No truth
No distinction
Everything in circles
Even the mind
My mind
Always circles
Nothing makes sense
Brain numbing
Vision blurring
Stomach churning
All life
No life
Hard life
Easy life
Some life
But it’s all in circles
Who cares
Who doesn’t
Who’s in circles
What does it mean
What does it not mean
No response
Any response
So many circles

Vanish Into the Night with Me

Vanish into the night with me
I will show you what it means to live
Follow the dim path and you will see
What the night can truly give

Delve into the night with me
There is so much you can learn
Knowledge opens many possibilities
The type of power all kinds yearn

Frolic into the night with me
Across darkness we will glide
Moving until we see heartbeats
Until the night no longer lets us hide

Adventure into the night with me
Surely there is something you want to find
Something to make your life meaning concrete
Even though you have lost your mind

Dissolve into the night with me
Allow the ink to lure you further
No matter how much you try to plea
There is no resisting unquenchable desire

Vanish into the night with me
It will be your final destination
A place of eternal rest without fee
The night loves when you are six feet in