You may call me Rose Taylor. Or, simply, Rose. Heck, I even answer to Lex Luther (just don’t tell DC Comics). Whichever one suits your fancy. I am many things–a writer, nerd, wife, cat lady, intaker of coffee, car and NASCAR enthusiast, amateur photographer, half bad artist, and a spaz case. Somehow, I’ve managed to keep it all locked in one body. But you’re not here to read about my dullness, are you? So let’s get down to the writings.

I procured this blog in December of 2014 at the gentle nudgings of a close friend. Honestly, I was scared for my life when I first posted in 2015. And for about a year later. My texts usually consist of sci-fi and fantasy. Mainly fantasy. It’s my personal funland. This blog is, yes, where my fiction meets reality.

Now, I do technically have a schedule. At least…I try to maintain a schedule. Shall we go over the list?

  • Sketching Sunday: Various original artworks
  • Memoir Monday: I will admit, this is the hardest day of the week to keep up with
  • Photography Tuesday: I guess “Taking Pictures Tuesday” would’ve kept better with the theme I have going. Hmm.
  • Writing Prompt Wednesday: Flash fiction based off writing prompts online
  • Poetry Thursday: Ah, yes, now I remember why Tuesday began with a P instead of a T. I have two Ps, not two Ts. I remember my own reasonings, I swear…
  • Freebie Friday: The “whatever the heck I want to post” day
  • Short Story Saturday: Original short stories not based off writing prompts

Is that seven? I think that’s seven. I can count and name off days of the week; I went to elementary school!

At the end of the day, I can only write and edit and post. All I humbly ask is that you at least enjoy what you read. Maybe be inspired by it. Maybe take something mind-blowing away. Or maybe just laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. Whatever you do decide, thank you for visiting me and always remember to keep your imagination. For you never know the crazy places it will take you.


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