Looking Up

They call me a dreamer
Reprimand me for gazing at the stars
Keeping my head in the clouds

They tell me to stay grounded
To always look down

But I will never stop looking up
Never stop watching the sky

I may be a dreamer
I’ll never lose my sense of wonder
I’ll make sure I stay in the clouds
Make sure my eyes see the stars
Feel heaven’s wind on my face
Relish in the sun’s warm shine

I’d much rather be caught looking up
Than be stuck looking down


Sunset After Rain

Rain shower moved past
Sun descends into the West
Heavy curtain of clouds parting
Fluffy undersides tinted peach
The rest glowing pleasant gray
Glimpses of deepening blue sky
A breathing painting revealed
As beautiful as beauty itself
Designed by God’s own hands
Completely changed from morning
Completely changed every night
As identical as snowflakes
Full circle sun spreads warmth
Bathing land in orange and pink
Sky remaining momentarily blue
Intense cotton candy from fairs
Equally delicious to the eyes

Midnight Madness

There is no one
Not a single stirring soul
I feel like a ghost
Traversing the veil alone
My light barely piercing the ink
The silhouettes merging with shadow
Shines of space nonexistent
But alas I see a being
Someone to voyage with me perhaps
My hopes were in vain
Merciless fog enshrouds me
A thick cloth of cool air
Blanketing my sight further
The feeling of loss consumes me
Apparitions taunt my waning attention
Melting into the smoke soup
Another form beckons me
Breaking off into a pair
Glowing eyes guide my steps
Until basin fires are revealed to me
Perched upon ancient stone
The sight stealing breath from my lungs
Under the casts of warm illumination
Reads a chilly communication
“Welcome” scratched in blood
My heart pulsing wildly
Sweat beading on clammy skin
It’s here I find my end
And wake from the cruel night terrors
If only it had been a dream….

This Old Man

This old man
Once had a plan
To build a home with his bare hands
To start his own family clan
Until his country declared demands
And from his enemies he ran
The time came for him to make a stand
Still he received great reprimand
Upon his sleeve he wore a brand
Failing his traitorous homeland
Alcohol became his only friend
Surrounding himself with endless cans
Then his country called again
They claimed a chance at redemption
A chance to lift the unholy ban
While he exercised needed caution
He accepted role of government minion
Climbed an imposing mountain
His grit his only supporting fan
Guiding him to an enduring orphan
Where blossoming relationships began
He signed for teary adoption
A child to fill his remaining lifespan
His final years more special than
What he could ever imagine
Until passing on under skies cyan
His survived child relaying
The requisite salvation
Of this old man

Chasing the Storm

A cloak made of cumulonimbus
Comprised of total darkness
Spreads its grasp across the sky
Blanketing out any appearance of light
Until electricity reveals itself
Flashing and dancing with gangling fingers
Reaching for a hasty contact
Charring most of what it touches
Even if only for a moment
The blink of mortal eyes
Still, the atmosphere cries
Sheds its tears upon those down below
Denied because of its lethal tangency
Grief becomes rage rather swiftly
Single drops merge into a flood
Gusts of breath ripping apart what once was
Whirlwinds decimating all in its path
Rumbling anguish shaking bones
Fulminations searching for new victims
The atmosphere no longer distinguishing
Potential friend from foe
Unable to decipher within its emotion
Tumbling from one destination to the next
With ever-growing potency
Dragging itself from corner to corner
Until the land has ended
And it drowns itself
In a body larger than its own
Content at last
For the ocean cannot be burned
Even provides companions for the gales
Rises to greet the tempest
The embrace of forces that cannot be tamed

Working Struggles

I’m tired of walking on broken glass
Slicing my feet along the cracks
Blood oozing to fill the gaps

I’m tired of drowning in the shallows
Simply hang me from the gallows
Allow me to be devoured by shadows

I’m tired of being fed senseless lies
Handed false information to cross the divide
All the fallacies wringing me dry

I’ll never be too exhausted to stand
Not even against events unplanned
Not against those slapping my hand

I’ll never cease to be a fire
My flames always reaching higher
Until only the stars shine brighter

I’ll never relinquish my standards
Nor will I become my own bystander
Nor will I let the truth be hampered

The Atom Bomb Song

There’s sirens in the distance
As the death bells ring
The elders are insistent
Yet the children sing

“Rejoice, rejoice
For our time has come
We’ll be saved by ashes
Never fear the A-bomb”

A ball of fire rises
Snuffing the sun out
Gas masks are the disguises
Still we hear the shouts

“Rejoice, rejoice
For our time has come
We’ll be saved by ashes
Never fear the A-bomb”

There’s throngs of people fleeing
Diving for cover
The sounds of parents grieving
Cries the lost mother

“Rejoice, rejoice
For our time has come
We’ll be saved by ashes
Never fear the A-bomb”

The mushroom cloud spreads throughout
Darkness before us
Convincing those left with doubt
They join in chorus

“Rejoice, rejoice
For our time has come
We’ll be saved by ashes
Never fear the A-bomb”

The path of destruction made
The nuke fades away
Leaving sorrow in its wake
No one saves the day

There’s survivors underground
Knowing what death means
Praying to God they’ll be found
As they sadly sing

“Lament, lament
For our time has come
We’ll be lost in ashes
Always fear the A-bomb”