Working Struggles

I’m tired of walking on broken glass
Slicing my feet along the cracks
Blood oozing to fill the gaps

I’m tired of drowning in the shallows
Simply hang me from the gallows
Allow me to be devoured by shadows

I’m tired of being fed senseless lies
Handed false information to cross the divide
All the fallacies wringing me dry

I’ll never be too exhausted to stand
Not even against events unplanned
Not against those slapping my hand

I’ll never cease to be a fire
My flames always reaching higher
Until only the stars shine brighter

I’ll never relinquish my standards
Nor will I become my own bystander
Nor will I let the truth be hampered


The Atom Bomb Song

There’s sirens in the distance
As the death bells ring
The elders are insistent
Yet the children sing

“Rejoice, rejoice
For our time has come
We’ll be saved by ashes
Never fear the A-bomb”

A ball of fire rises
Snuffing the sun out
Gas masks are the disguises
Still we hear the shouts

“Rejoice, rejoice
For our time has come
We’ll be saved by ashes
Never fear the A-bomb”

There’s throngs of people fleeing
Diving for cover
The sounds of parents grieving
Cries the lost mother

“Rejoice, rejoice
For our time has come
We’ll be saved by ashes
Never fear the A-bomb”

The mushroom cloud spreads throughout
Darkness before us
Convincing those left with doubt
They join in chorus

“Rejoice, rejoice
For our time has come
We’ll be saved by ashes
Never fear the A-bomb”

The path of destruction made
The nuke fades away
Leaving sorrow in its wake
No one saves the day

There’s survivors underground
Knowing what death means
Praying to God they’ll be found
As they sadly sing

“Lament, lament
For our time has come
We’ll be lost in ashes
Always fear the A-bomb”

The Sun Will Set/The Sun Will Rise

The sun will set
Ending the bright day
All light fading away
Night no longer held at bay
Demons coming out to play
Yet the sun will rise

The sun will set
Causing endless strife
All the malice running rife
Innocents caught by the knife
Fiends eagerly consuming life
Yet the sun will rise

The sun will set
Bringing senseless pain
All reminders of the slain
Emotions trapping within a chain
Sins uncleansed by the rain
Yet the sun will rise

The sun will set
Encouraging intimate holocaust
All energy has been exhaust
But you can’t give up the lost
You must save them despite the cost
Because the sun will rise

Blossoming Morning

The morning begins in midnight blue
A fresh day barely waking
Then light glitters on the horizon
A new color palette making

The sun peeks onto the sky
Bringing forth deserved life
Then filling the world with warmth
Chasing away night’s strife

The midnight blue fades away
Revealing pastels of dawn
Then the floodgates open
The morning in full blossom

The Drop

The drop cascades down the pane
Reflection twin keeping casual time
A trail marking what has been
A trail etching through the grime
The drop glistens in yellowed light
Sliding at its idiosyncratic pace
Plunging into gravity’s delight
Until it’s halted at the window base
The drop’s sibling runs its course
Tracing a new lane in the dust
Both derived from a singular source
Both trickling with a sense of hush
The drop and its brother united at last
Resting upon the degenerating sill
Reminiscing about their turbulent past
Reminiscing about when they lost their will
The drop soon merged with fallen others
Amalgamating into a tell-tale pool
Remnants of life from within another
Slaughtered by a presumptuious fool
Hundred of drops cascade down the pane
Several leaving an unpleasant smudge
The window splattered with crimson rain
Dishonest glass riddled with fresh blood



Hundreds of years ago
Pilgrims came here from their foe
Their main desire–freedom

Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves
From their chains cold as caves
He gave them all they wanted–freedom

Troops have fought in wars
To save the country they adore
Now we have–freedom

Our ancestors many cultures they bring
They all say, “Let freedom ring!”


*Author’s Note: For this Poetry Thursday, I chose a poem I wrote back in late grade school, early middle school. I entered this into the local library poetry contest held at the time. Did I win? No. Did I even place? Nuh-uh. The poem that won for my age group was terribly (even by my young standards) written and only talked about sugar, glitter, and unicorns. Do I still hold a grudge? Maybe….

Taming the Beast

Breathing in
Breathing out
Knuckles turning white
Heartbeat tracking seconds
And then…flying
Hair stands on end
Wind charging past as
Vision blurs with tears
Ears popping then defeaning
Thinning air sucking out breath
Electricity coursing through veins
Perception of control slipping away
There is no control
Only suggested guidance
Who can truly control such power
More acceleration excites
Raises goosebumps on the skin
Shouts reinforce shared joy
The essence of true freedom
A wild sense of a bond
Partnerships intending to survive
Companions like these come rarely
Preserve them at all costs
You can experience the liberating rush
All without taming the beast