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Vanish Into the Night with Me

Vanish into the night with me
I will show you what it means to live
Follow the dim path and you will see
What the night can truly give

Delve into the night with me
There is so much you can learn
Knowledge opens many possibilities
The type of power all kinds yearn

Frolic into the night with me
Across darkness we will glide
Moving until we see heartbeats
Until the night no longer lets us hide

Adventure into the night with me
Surely there is something you want to find
Something to make your life meaning concrete
Even though you have lost your mind

Dissolve into the night with me
Allow the ink to lure you further
No matter how much you try to plea
There is no resisting unquenchable desire

Vanish into the night with me
It will be your final destination
A place of eternal rest without fee
The night loves when you are six feet in


My Element

I wanted to be fire
Big, bad, strong
A raging inferno

But I love something else

I love the ocean
Feel at home in a pool

There are other realizations

I tend to be calm
Until the winds of life
Stir me around

I am fluid
Yet lazy as waves
Lapping safe shores

I possess more depth
Than some would give credit

I hide many secrets
And much darkness

I can also be deceptive

On the surface
I may look calm
But deep down
Undercurrents tear me apart

I feel at peace in the rain
Yet flood with tears

I’m not afraid to drown
Whether it be myself
Or one who pushes my limits

Pour toxic waste on me
But I will find a way

I am water

And water always finds a way

Can’t Sleep?

I’ve never had a problem sleeping at nights. Not until recently. For the past week, I swear I’ve heard this scratching sound. But I passed it off as raccoons or such. Too bad I didn’t have a pellet gun.

One particular night was my same routine. Got home from work. Ate dinner. Watched TV. Went to bed. I yawned as I checked my phone. Close to midnight. That was late for me. I paused. Remember when I used to pull all-nighters just to play a video game? That was the price of adulthood, I supposed.

I entered my bedroom and turned off the light. My legs prickled for some reason, and I all but jumped into my bed. Knocking a pillow off the other side. I sighed. Rolled onto my stomach and slid my arm between the mattress and the wall. Something scaly grabbed my arm and pulled. Yelping, I yanked my arm free. Sat in the middle of my bed. What the–? The pillow could stay down there for tonight.

The covers were more inviting anyway. I crawled under them, leaving my shoulders and head exposed as always. The feeling of my arm being touched finally went away. I drifted to sleep. Something tapped my shoulder twice. My eyes flew open. Two more taps. I rolled over. Nothing was there. Except for my fallen pillow. My heart raced. No, there was nothing or nobody there. My pillow must’ve never fallen. That was possible. And I had rubbed my arm against the wall. No big deal. I situated myself again.

After some time, I grew hot. Having the covers off proved too cold, so I resorted to only having one leg out of the covers. Satisfied, I fell asleep. Dreamed of wading through a pleasant beach. Though my dream was sadly interrupted. Stretching, I rolled over. Closed my eyes. Snapped them open again. Was something…licking my foot? Crying out, I kicked hard. Sat up. There was nothing at the end of my bed. I touched my sock-less foot. It was covered in sticky slobber. I didn’t own a dog. Or any pet for that matter. I couldn’t reason this incident in my head.

I was too scared to get out of bed and turn on the lights. Was this some sort of prank? By who? I lived alone. I had no friends. My breathing quickened. No. No, this had to be my imagination. It was too many hours after my bedtime. I had been sleeping lightly. My brain was tired. That was all. After a peptalk, I curled back under the covers. Closed my eyes. But sleep never came. Even though nothing else happened. I sighed. This was old already.

Seeing how I was awake, I opened my eyes. Froze. Two white, glowing orbs peered at me from a corner of darkness. A pair of eyes? My gaze remained transfixed. Until the orbs moved and crept closer. I squeezed my eyes shut. Remained huddled beneath the blankets. A presence hovered at the edge of my bed. I prayed it would be day soon.

I have hardly slept since.


Tears flood the floor
Drown me in suffering
Where is the door
I need out
Out of my mind
Blood flows free
Is this even real
I’m on my knees
Begging for a way out
Out from this bind
Sickness takes hold
Darkness covers me
This charade is old
Please let me out
Out of what makes me blind
My demons give chase
Infect my thoughts
Promise death’s embrace
I must find a way out
Out of the evil kind
Another day comes
Everything loops
Beating me as drums
Is there a way out
Out of this grind
Tears flood the floor
Drown me in suffering
Where is the door
I’m desperate for a way out
Out of my twisted mind

She Who Comes from Darkness


You know when you have an idea, and you just have to get it down? That’s what happened to me yesterday after I woke up from a nap. I had this idea of a shadow/darkness spirit. She was drawn with graphite, charcoal, and ink. It’s been while since I’ve just drawn from inspiration without any sort of procrastination. There was much joy in this creation. I apologize for the picture quality.

War: Chapter Three

He pivoted. Stared down the tunnel he came from. The monsters lurked outside. This, he was certain. But he had another piece of armor. And it would be hard for them to get his heart now. Assuming that was what they wanted. What did they want? Did it matter? Their vile nature didn’t seem to frighten him as much. So he began a slow pace forward, the radiating breastplate lighting his way through the darkness.

Ignoring the bones lining the walls around him, he continued back toward the valley. Kept his eyes on the exit. Even when bunches of maggots dripped from the ceiling of the long cavern. Well, he tried his best to ignore that. It disturbed him beyond what it should. How could it not? Determined strides kept him going. He still knew not if he would live. But he had chest armor. That, he was most thankful for.

Then he heard it. The grinding of rusted metal against bone and the hiss of smoke-escape. There was no laughter. Not yet. But it waited at the mouth of the cavern. Paced back and forth. He could see its glowing eyes. Its talons dug into the muck, ready for him to come to it. It wanted him. Wanted to devour his soul and spit out his leftover bones. Or maybe let his disfigured carcass rot with the numerous others. His stench of death would simply mingle with the rest.

He breathed deep. Paused a few moments before stepping out into the valley. How could he face the monster? He may have found another piece of armor, but he remained weaponless. Did he have a choice? He needed to push on. Needed to find a way out of this nightmare. Perhaps the only way he would wake was by finding the valley’s end. Perhaps by dying. Was he supposed to die by the horrendous combination of flesh, bone, and machine?

There was only one way to find out. He emerged from the protection of the tunnel. The pacing creature stopped. Giving off a horrifying shriek, it stumbled away from him. While remaining close. Close enough to snap at him if it needed to. Its head lowered. A form of grating growl escaped its jaws. The glowing eyes seemed to darken.

Was it mad? He looked behind him. Then down at the breastplate. His brows furrowed. Perhaps there was a reason the piece’s owner died in a cavern. Away from the monsters. Did they not like the soft glow? He stepped forward, toward the beast. It lurched back. Gnashed its fangs. The spiked tail swayed back and forth angrily. He surveyed the breastplate again. Continued on his path down the valley.

The monster stalked him at a small distance. Occassionally making noises of unfamiliar sound. It never laughed. He never looked back. The new addition of armor seemed to have power over it. Not that he wanted any control over the beast. There was at least an essance the monster hated. Did he tease it, now? He remained at a walking pace. His toes were sticky. As long as the maggots stayed out of his socks…. Shivers coursed through him.

A cracking sound made him stop and cringe. He glanced over his shoulder. The fiend snapped its jaws, repeating the sound. It echoed throughout the valley. Another gruesome crack. Chittering responded this time. Chittering of a thouand creatures. His eyes widened as he looked all around him. There was nothing to be seen except for the monster following him. How many were there? He swallowed and returned his gaze to the unseen destination.

What else did this valley of death have in store for him? Monsters worse than the one behind him? He couldn’t see the end of the valley. Didn’t know if there was an end. He just knew he had to reach it. Didn’t he already go over this at one point? He couldn’t remember. Surely, he was losing his mind. Movement caught his eyes as multiple mounds rose and sped through the bones.

See? Who pictured things burrowing under the muck of the valley floor? They were like sharks moving under a water’s surface without breaching their fins. More cracking made him cover his ears. None of this could be reality. But how did he get back to his previous life? What even was his previous life? All he could remember was the valley. Waking up to this hellish atmosphere. He wanted to go back. But what did he have to go back to?

Shaking his head, he took a couple unsteady steps. He couldn’t falter now. He had to keep going, though he knew not where. Did it matter what his reality was? Certainly, anything was better than this. Nothing could be worse, right? He sucked in a breath of rancid air and straightened. Still, this situation unsettled him. The zooming mounds closed in on him. He broke into a run again. Not wanting to see what would finally surface. However, one particular mound possessed an unusual shine to it.

He chased it. Pursued it until he was close enough to dive. And he dove. The mound simply dispersed, bones clattering on themselves as they settled back to the muck. He scoured through the dismantled skeletons and thick blood. Did whatever creature take the shiny thing with it? He had to know what was there. Had to know if it was more armor or perhaps a weapon. Something. Anything other than bone and blood. Please let it be something helpful.

His fingers touched metal. Gasped when he pulled out a pair of armored boots. The joy of having new boots brought tears to his eyes. His shoes were so moist, he assumed they were washing off his feet. But first, he thrust his hand in them. Making sure they were empty. Thanking the mound for accidentally giving him dry armored boots, he hurridly swapped the old shoes with the new. Stood in them. Vibrations shook the ground. His heart beat fast. However, the shoes gave him certain readiness for what lied ahead.

War: Chapter Two

The chittering increased, echoing off the hollow bone walls. Bone walls of the valley. He scrambled to his feet. Readied himself for an attack. Sweat beaded from his pores, though the ghostly chill remained. There was not enough rancid air to fill his lungs. He pressed a hand on his chest. Hoping to keep his heart inside his rib cage. It pounded dreadfully.

He blinked several times. Vision granted since the first time he opened his eyes. The darkness seemed a better option than this visible nightmare. Swallowing down a lump in his throat, he surveyed the dead area around him. He was, indeed, in a valley. Not too horribly wide. He reckoned maybe three football fields. But he could not reason how high the walls rose. How deep was he?

Everything appeared in faded black and white, slightly tinted blue. Except there was more red than he would’ve liked. Not a bright red. A red that had most of the pigment washed out. It stained almost everything. Especially the soft ground. Blood. Oozing, saturating blood. He fought the urge to inspect his feet.

Bones littered the terrain. No, bones made up the terrain. The walls, structures resembling trees, and he could only assume bones made up the ground underneath the muck. No wonder the place reeked of death. How many people had died down here? Was he next? He had never feared death until now. Nover thought of a preferred way to die until now. He certainly didn’t want to die down here.

The chittering picked up again. They refused to show themselves. He ran. Searching for anything he could use for defense. He wasn’t ready to use the bones of another as a weapon. However, he may not have a choice. The squishing sounds under his feet sickened him. It sounded worse now that he knew what he travelled on.

Another moist sound he couldn’t describe echoed off and on in his ear. He assumed it came from the muck until he stopped by a bone tree. Not that he wanted to stop. But he was human, after all. He needed to catch his breath. His eyes found the skeletal structure. Thick blood poured from between the spaces. Plump white specs dotted the red. He peered closer. Maggots tumbled to the ground, their plasma casing relocating.

With another exclamation, he jumped back. Careful not to fall to the disgusting floor. Maggots lived in the blood? That could only mean the larvae touched everything, too. He dared not look down. His skin crawled with the theory of his shoes being infected. A shriek snapped his head right. Mutated maggots? That was all his brain could conjure. And it wasn’t a pretty image.

An unsettled breeze passed his left. He pivoted, but nothing could be seen. He didn’t understand. What good was this new-found sight if he couldn’t see what truly hunted him? Glancing around, he jogged forward. The soaked bottom of his pants slapping his legs. But he still dared not look down. He kept his eyes on the darkness out of reach up ahead. This valley had to have some sort of end. Surely it couldn’t go on forever.

Or did it? He paused at this thought. What if he made a never-ending loop? Never meant to find the end. Caught in an eternal cycle of hellish nightmares. He didn’t know where this valley existed. Didn’t know if he existed any more. Refusing to accept this as his fate, or as fact, he pushed on. What else would he do? Stand and do nothing?

The unnatural cackle reverberated off the valley walls. He swallowed. Not this again. He had no weapons. Which still wouldn’t do any good if he couldn’t see the thing. Another round of laughter stood his hair on end. It edged closer. The creature made its way toward him. But he couldn’t tell which direction it came from.

Cracking bones made him cringe. Covering his ears, his eyes widened. A mound of bones rose in front of him. The form shifted and settled, sending blood in every direction. Its size increased with every passing moment as it emereged from the ground. Until it reached roughly twenty feet high. Then the creature shook off the mess of bones and muck, revealing its true form.

Its body comprised of a grotesque mixture of robotics, bones, and decaying flesh and muscle. Front haunches peaked its height as its back sloped to a mechanical tail ending in a spike. Black ooze and green-tinted liquid seeped from all parts of its body. Thick smoke escaped its spine grinding into place. A large, mutated animal skull served as its head, eyes glowing bright red.

He backed away in horror. Chunks of rotted flesh, swarming with fat maggots, fell to the ground. How was he supposed to fight this? Wicked laughter escaped the nightmare’s jaws. A constant sound of moving bones headed toward his back. He glanced over his shoulder. Something burrowed under the muck to get him. Once again, he had no choice but to run.

A serrated metal talon from the beast in front of him barely missed his head. Falling to the ground, he rolled back to his feet. Dodged the skeletal maw. More laughter sounded. He did not look behind him. But this was the creature that chased him before? Why did he have to put the belt on? Why did he have to see? He liked the darkness better.

The moving mound caught up to his left. It swelled like a wave ready to burst free from the ocean of blood. A cave in the valley wall caught his eye. Vaulting the mound, he made a break for it. Pumping his weakening legs as hard as he could. He barely made it into the carven as the mound mowed by. Fought his breath trying to escape. His eyes adjusted to the dim light.

Then he squinted. A white haze pulsated from the back of the cave. Curiosity sunk in. He crept to the source of ligt. A shriek from outside quickened his pace. Nothing but more skeleton piles lined the back wall. He fell to his knees and pushed bones out of the way. Ignoring the sound of feeding maggots. A breastplate emerged. And it was the cause of light. He ripped the piece of armor from its previous owner. Slipped it over his head. His chest swelled. The breastplate filled him with a righteousness he had never known before.

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