My Scarred Guardian Angel

Reader Submission: The Trench Coat Man

I have a guardian angel. Although, he’s not exactly divine. He stalks the streets with a charcoal leather trench coat. His long black hair blows behind him with the breeze. The left side of his face hides in the blackness of the void, and a wide-brimmed hat shadows the right side.

He calls upon the darkness and dashes away light with a simple thought. The demons tremble at his name. He can dissolve into obscurity, become a glimmer of the moon. His sense of right and wrong holds blurred lines. But you’ll never hear him lie. He values truth almost as much as he values me.

I am his creator, you see. His heart and his soul. His saving grace. He follows me everywhere, keeps me safe from the evils of this world. For he is evil incarnate. He’s my living shadow, the watcher of my back, my guardian angel.

He’s quick to patience and even quicker to wrath. And when he slides his precious length of chain from around his shoulders, every being knows to flee, lest they become the next victim to the spear head at the end. His true love is pain, and he’s an expert at causing it.

But he never hurts me. Why would he? He’s my protector, after all. I can live my life with confidence.

He has a smile the Devil himself fears.


Dancing With the Devil

Have you ever danced with the devil
In the pale moon light
I do most every night
For he goes by many names
Pride, Lust, Greed, Envy, Doubt
And most frequently–Shame

I love dancing with the devil
In the pale moon light
I do it most every night
Not because I have anything to gain
But as I confront my sins
He helps relieve my pain

I know the sound of dancing with the devil
In the pale moon light
And dancing most every night
Seems rather quite insane
But if truth were to be told
I’m honestly challenging my blames

You see, dancing with the devil
In the pale moon light
And dancing almost every night
Unlocking my soul as a windowpane
The dance becomes one of death
As destroying my devil is my aim

Have you danced with your devil
In the pale moon light
Have you danced for even a night
Do you know your devil’s names
So you can confront your sins
Only then can you fight your Shame

Crooked (Flash Fiction)

I had always been told that the Devil smiles with a crooked grin. It seemed to be more of a warning than a statement. But I usually passed it on as some superstitious mumbo-jumbo. If the Devil would ever appear to me, I was certain I didn’t need to identify him by a grin. I mean, the Devil does have his generic, assumed looks. A grin wouldn’t be the only thing that would make him known.

But the Devil didn’t reveal himself to me with his presumed appearance. He didn’t have red skin. Nor did he have horns or a spaded tail. He didn’t even have a pitchfork. No, he made himself known as a well-dressed man sporting a sharp suit, striped tie. And…a smile made of a crooked grin.

He came to me not too long after I found out my grandmother had been diagnosed with an incurable disease. I prayed to any and every being that she would be spared. That a miracle would happen. My grandmother and I had forever been close. She raised me, after all. On that fateful night, I was devastated, vulnerable. Walking down the dark and dreary streets to our apartment.

It was then that the Devil approached. Pushed himself off the wall of a building. Flashing that infamous grin I had been forewarned about. But I was too lost in my sorrows to notice. “It’s a rather nice night, isn’t it?” he asked with a suave tone.

I immediately stoned my expression. Being a blonde, I was used to such encounters. Especially when the sun went down. “I’m not selling my body. I have more respect for myself than that. Buzz off before I call the cops.”

“I don’t want your body, Amy.” He stepped forward. I could’ve sworn I saw smoke dance in his dark eyes. “I want your soul.”

My lips curled in disgust. “I mean it, creep. Get back.” Then I blanked. “How do you know my name?”

He chuckled in a manner I did not care for. “Oh, I know all about you. Your father was never a presence in your life. Your mother died while you were a baby. Now, your grandmother lies in a hospital bed, terminally ill. And you’ve cried out numerous times that you will do anything to save her.” His tongue ran over teeth that suddenly seemed to be turned to points. “Will you? Will you really do anything to save her?”

I took a couple steps back. My unease about this man ever increasing. There was something about him that was not right, and I had a feeling it was something more than him just being a creep. “Wha-what do you want?”

“I’ve already told you. Your soul. Yours for hers. You’ll still get to live with her, of course. But, when you die, your soul is mine. Which shouldn’t be that big of a deal, anyway. I’ve heard a lot of you mortals claim your souls don’t go anywhere once you die. So what’s the risk, huh?”

“You–” I cut myself off, rubbing my eyes with the heels of my palms. This man was a lunatic, thinking he could collect people’s souls. It wasn’t like humans had supernatural powers or anything. I almost flipped out when he stepped even closer. Eyes widening, I waved my arms in a spiral motion in attempt to seem as crazy as him. “You know what, fine. If that’s what it takes for you to leave me in peace, fine. Yes, I agree to your stupid soul thing. Now get the heck away from me.”

But he didn’t leave. Nope. Instead, he smiled with that crooked grin. Approached me even closer. Both of his whole eyes swirled to black, and he transformed into a thick cloud of black fog. Which then swallowed me whole.

Don’t Forget to Doubt Me

Don’t forget to doubt me. Anyone can be deceiving. You know the saying about appearances. To many, I seem like the naive, innocent angel who wouldn’t harm a fly. But smart devils neve plan murders aloud. You may think you can trust me. Just realize I can be one of the first people to stab you in the back. You may think my arms are the safest place for you. However, you must know how easy it is to crush someone’s throat. You may think my I’m being flirtateous. Darling, I could kill you with the wink of my eye. How would you know I haven’t laced your drink? Have you forgotten many poisons are colorless, tasteless, and odorless? Do you honestly believe everything I tell you is truth? Oh, hun. It’s so easy for me to lie. It’s so easy for me to put on masks and pretened to be someone I’m not. Yet, at the same time, it’s so hard for me to be myself. I may act like I have everything pulled together when there’s nothing but chaos threatening my insanity. I can tell you I’m fine when I’m falling apart. I often lose myself to my inner demons though I say I vanquished them. And just because I make something look easy doesn’t mean I’m not struggling. One thing is true. I will tell you many things you may forget. I’ll leave you to figure out which statements are honest and which are false. I will tell you to no longer be my friend. I will tell you to no longer be my lover. I will tell you I’m in it for the money. I will tell you the words coming from my mouth are lies. I will tell you my words are true. I will tell you how you’ll die. And then, I will tell you to forget everything I just said. However, remember these words. Don’t forget to doubt me.