Castle Ruins


I realized today I haven’t posted the full resolution of my cover image. Well, now I’ve corrected myself in thinking I had.


Where Fiction Becomes Reality

Ideas of Dragons

This Sketching Sunday brings a piece I made a couple months ago. It was an original design idea I had for awhile, and I wanted to use it as the header image when I procured a new theme for my blog. Sadly, the auto-crop function takes away much of the design. I’m still learning “tech stuff,” and I had no idea how to shrink this image to fit the recommended parameters. Acrylic and ink were used to create this piece.

Freshening Up

Good evening, readers! I wanted to take today’s post to call attention to a couple things.

I changed the theme of my blog, firstly. However, I’m not sure if it’s noticeable when using the app. I know it’s rather simplistic, but for my purposes, I’m rather fond of it. It allows the eyes to stay focused on the content, rather than being distracted by various things. I changed the font for better readability. Especially when it comes to my more lengthy posts. I also simplified the widgets. Again, for less things to be distracted by. I like things that serve purpose and are to the point.

Secondly, I changed the header image and my blog’s…”mantra,” as I’m suddenly forgetting the specific name of the phrase in the header. The picture is actually of castle ruins I had no idea were in my state had until last year. Turns out they’re even in a state park. How I didn’t learn about these sooner, I don’t know, but they were fantastic to see. Nothing as glorious as European castles, yet they were delightful, nonetheless. The “mantra” was honestly something I put together that sounded interesting.

Sorry there’s no “real content” for today. I spent way too long going through various themes then doing the customizing. Two and a half hours or so? I’m indecisive. Regardless, I hope everyone likes it and the changes make my blog more enjoyable. For now, I have to get ready to go grocery shopping. Such is life.


Mind Captive

She opened her eyes, everything around her a blur. It took abnormally long for her vision to adjust. Where was she? She looked behind her. Rolling her neck, she tried moving her arms, but she was restrained by over-sized chains. She snapped her head to rest of her viewing area.

It was a desolate place. One of sorrow, regret, despair. A place filled with nothing but black rock glimmering with an unknown liquid. A place she knew all too well.

Her gaze focused on the thick fog rolling toward her. She steeled herself. Broadened her stance as much as the bindings allowed. Making them dig into her skin.

The black smoke swirled and lurched until it revealed a beautifully dark image. Ebony hair, bright red lips, and deeply crimson eyes. A devilish smile became the Other. “Hello.”

She snarled at the Other, but she knew she was trapped.

The Other’s haunting voice echoed through the barren landscape blanketed with smoke. “How do you fare? It’s been quite some time since we spoke last.”

“Why do you care?”

“Because, despite your defiance, you are still mine.” The Other approached. Dragged a black talon under her jaw line and chin. “I do care about my property.”

Her nostrils flared as she sought to keep her emotions in check. “I know you don’t care.”

The Other released a low chuckle. “It’s funny, isn’t it? I can’t affect you physically, but I can affect you mentally. And I don’t even bother you that much. Only when you sleep. Do they know?” The Other caressed her face with back of their fingers. “Have you ran to tell on me? Hmm?”

She curled her lips in disgust, but her heart became heavy with truth. “No. I haven’t told anyone.”

“Oh, that’s too bad. Wouldn’t want to worry the perfect people, would we? But I have a new assignment for you.”

“I refuse to push away any more people. I’m not destroying any more lives. Especially not for you.”

The Other patted her cheek. “You will. You most absolutely will. Even if it takes time. I have all the time in the world. I’ll have fun watching you on the flip side.” The Other brought both arms forward, enveloping her in agonizing black fog.

She plunged into a void of darkness and pain. The echoes of the Other’s laughter drowning out her screams. Falling, she finally slammed against an ebony wall of red eyes and grinning mouths.


Haiku Compilation II

Sweet scent to lure
Deadly thorns defending life
Beautiful roses

Mister sky of blue
Dancing through fields of joy
Singing playful tune

Beauty can’t contend
Purity of a soft heart
Trueness of the soul

Seeds becoming life
Night blossoming into day
These little wonders

Blank thoughts on pages
Giving way to images
Inklings come alive

Colors on canvas
Water muddied with intent
Painting with the soul

Silence fills the void
Blissfully content in heart
On way toward peace

Fire burns within
Rages releases dragon form
Beware quiet ones