Sunrise, Sunset


Yet constant
Yet monochrome
Always on the move
Such beauty
Such inspiration
A new painting each day
God’s painting
Surely only Divine can fathom
The depth and flow
Saturating the sky
Shining day and night
Vivid pigments
Yet subdued
No two identical
Embraced by sun and moon
Enhanced by stars
Celestial phenomenon
For all to enjoy
Yet only if you look
Take the time to observe
The wonders above your head
The glorious wonders
For us to discover
Slivers of hope
In mundane life
May we rise
And never be set
In benighted ways 


Haiku Compilation IV

Society bland
Supremacy will stumble
Down with the madness

A red moon rises
The annual massacre
Crimson stain floods earth

Falling from the sky
Righteous death by licking flames
Brimstone raining down

Foul stench floats through air
Drawing out weak and weary
Death surrounds us all

Death approaching fast
Let the reaper come for you
Darkness is ahead

Follow me with ease
Come with me into the pit
Let yourself darken

Memories erased
Metal blood consuming flesh
Rise of the machines

Living clockwork soul
Copper gears churning out thoughts
Steam powered body

Red Moon, Mysterious Moon

Crimson light covers the land
Holding death within its hand
Who could do this but the red moon
No one but the mysterious moon
As it slowly comes up the rise

Beings emerge from the ground
Answering their call and sound
Who beckons them but the red moon
No one but the mysterious moon
As it seals the living’s demise

Slaughter fills the starless night
Innoncents clinging with their might
Who enjoys this but the red moon
No one but the mysterious moon
As it feeds from lamenting cries

Blood spoils a wasted earth
Destroyer filling with mirth
Who gloats on this but the red moon
No one but the mysterious moon
As it counts decimated lives

Crimson light fades the land
Death escaped from its hand
Who did this but the red moon
No one but the mysterious moon
As it returns down the rise

Moonshadow’s Intro

Moonshadow sat on the new cathedral’s ledge, dangling a leg off the stone outcropping. He twirled his knife as he watched Lest’s townspeople below. Saluting with two fingers at all who took the time to notice him. But they all knew he was up there, waiting to make a living off the unsuspecting person.
He wondered how long it would take for authorities to arrest him. But even they didn’t want anything to do with him. He stretched his leathery wings to their full span, soaking up the moonlight. No one dared lay claim to him. Not even his own mother.
A breeze whisked his jet black hair behind him. His reptilian eyes closed. Then they flashed open. But this was how he liked it. To be alone. He loved solitude. It was, after all, all he’d known. Leaning back, he smiled with contempt. Besides, this was still his town. He was the king here. Who cared if they all despised him? He didn’t.