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Sunny Spring Dreams

It’s been a little rainy and gray here the past few days, but I like to go back and look at this picture. Creativity has still been a stranger to me, and when it does come to visit, I’ve been working on my novel. However, I am trying to get something other than photographs for the blog. Thank you for your continued patience!


Golden Fields

Orchid Show

My husband took me to the annual orchid show at our local botanical gardens this past Saturday. Orchids are my favorite flowers, outside of roses. I took way more pictures, as I also had my Nikon with me. These are my favorite ones from my phone. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Blue Morphos

While in South Dakota, I went to a Butterfly House and Aquarium. I have many, many pictures, but blue morpho butterflies have been my favorite since I was little. They’re so vibrant. I had never seen so many blue morphos in one place before! Unfortunately, these four pictures were the only clear ones I could get, as they insisted on constantly flitting about the place. And I’m pretty sure the last three pictures are of the same butterfly. Which is fine by me. I was happy to have at least one poser.

Winter Leaves


Thorns and Spheres

I know I said a couple weeks ago that the Midwest is completely dead during the winter season. Well. Nature proved me wrong, as it so often does.


6 22 2014 (42)

Since the Midwest is completely lifeless in the winter, I went through some old pictures. I thought I had posted this on here before, but apparently, I haven’t. This picture was taken back in 2014 at my grandma’s house, and it remains completely untouched. Somehow, my old digital camera picked up the rich colors when it’s normally particular about being bold.


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