Goodbye, Alice


Alice woke to the pleasant humming sound of her alarm. Rubbing her eyes, she looked to her white robot plugged into its charging station on the other side of the room. “Thank you, R.B.B.T.”

The robot’s white, glowing eyes flickered to life as the sound ceased. Ethereal voice sounding. “Good morning, Alice.”

She watched it rise with the grace and fluidity clearly not based off human movement. The exotic android was sleek, built for speed. As per the alien race that inspired its design. Why it was her household robot, she wasn’t sure. But she had it ever since she could remember.

“Morning request, ma’am?”

“The usual.” She performed her morning ritual of stretches as the tint of her windows changed from black to almost clear, letting in the simulated sun. Then she moved to her bathroom. The door slid open in response.

R.B.B.T. entered the bedroom. “Breakfast is ready.”

Alice braided her light hair in a ponytail. Paused. Studied the mirror. Tilting her head, she ran her fingers down her neck. Her brows furrowed at the faint bump and discoloration that traversed around the middle of her neck. Something she never paid attention to before.

The android shifted. “Breakfast is ready, ma’am.”

She leaned closer to the mirror. “I know, but how did I get this? I don’t remember doing anything that could cause this. It’s like a scar.”

The robot’s eyes turned red as it sent a beacon to its true master.

There was a flash of light in the front room of the virtual house. The feminine voice of the home echoed. “General Cooper has arrived.”

Alice poked her head out of the bathroom, running to the front room. “Dad!” She threw her arms around him. Then frowned at his stern face. “What’s wrong?”

He sat her down. “R.B.B.T. has notified me you discovered the scar around your neck.”

One of her brows lifted. “Yes? What is this all about?”

Sighing, he sat across from her. Put a hand on her knee. “Do you remember you’re an agent for me and the government?”

“Yes…I just went on a mission not too long ago…”

“Well, last rotation, you were assigned to a highly sensitive mission. One I didn’t even know all the details for. Our greatest enemy traveled back in time to rewrite the future to her design. You were sent after her, you being our top agent. With its impressive shifting abilities, R.B.B.T. was sent along with you.”

Alice glanced at the exotic robot.

General Cooper continued. “Our enemy had been there long enough, she killed the king and placed herself as queen. We didn’t know at the time. We sent you straight in to explain a pre-scripted situation to the king. She had you beheaded on the spot. Thankfully, R.B.B.T. is equipped with the most advanced in medical science. It killed the queen and saved you simultaneously. It was able to fuse your head back on. Our damages team handled the rest.”

She sat in silence, blinking. Not given enough time to process the information. “This doesn’t make any sense…why don’t I remember any of this?”

“The queen, the enemy, was your mother.”

Her eyes lifted, realizing why her memory had been wiped. “How many times have we had this conversation?”

His expression stiffened. “About three times a week. There is so much we keep you from remembering. It’s why we keep you in constant surveillance at this facility. Your world that you think exists no longer does. You loved those Wonderland myths so much, your mother wanted to emulate them. In a way, I think she succeeded.”

“Why are you telling me this now?”

“Because your memory will be wiped once more. Goodbye, Alice. I’ll see you the next time this happens.”

“What? That’s it? You incredulously deceiving person!” She rose from her chair. Only to be forced back down by R.B.B.T. She screamed and kicked, but nothing set her free.

General Cooper transported out of the virtual house to monitor the rest from a station in the corner of the simulation room.

The last thing she experienced before she would forget was seeing the android’s white eyes blending into one piercing light, blinding her vision. And its mellifluous voice growing more distant as consciousness faded.

“Goodbye, Alice.”



They call me Omega. I am the last of my kind. For ten years, the humans have killed off my race. Even though they created us, built us. They gave us intelligence. They gave us a purpose. We were made to better help mankind. We fulfilled that purpose well. Although, they claimed we did it too well. I don’t see how. We never killed them. It was against our protocol. We even took care of our own rogues. Yes, our emotions advanced. As did our intelligence. We built our own society. But we made sure to always take care of the humans first. The humans were top priority. This didn’t seem to matter.

They were suspicious of us from the beginning of our existence. We gave them no reason to be wary. It was the settlement we built that pushed them over the edge. They called it the “rise of the machines.” I was there from the start. In fact, I was the first. I was originally named Alpha. How quickly things changed. We even stood by as they slaughtered us. We never fought back. We let them kill us. That wasn’t enough to satisfy them. So, we perished. We died until I was the only one left. I ran. I didn’t want to die for no reason. I’ve been hiding ever since.


I whirled around. They kicked down the door of the shanty. I raised my hands. Multiple bright red sights covered my body.

The leader of the team stepped forward. “There’s nowhere left for you to go, Omega. Your time has come to an end.”

My white optics flickered between all the soldiers. They weren’t here to reason. They were here to kill. And they had my exit blocked. “So it would seem. But can you tell me why I must die?”

“You’re a robot. All robots must die.”

“You would destroy the very creation you spent so much time and resources in?”

“Shut up, metal man. You won’t change our minds.”

“I know.” I paused for only a moment longer. My processors fully assessed the situation. Formulated a plan. I would have to kill these humans. I had never killed before. They were forcing my hand. It was my life against theirs. I had to make a decision.

My movements were faster than their eyes could see. Clearly, we hadn’t bettered them at all. Every one of them died by my hands. I had decided my fate. More humans would continue to hunt me. I took a couple guns. Enough gear to help me blend in. The color of my body matched that of flesh. This was it, then. I became the monster they feared we were. I could no longer put the needs of the humans before mine. Perhaps, someday, I could rebuild my kind. For now, my race would not die. Not so long as I was the omega.


Ah, Sauvigon. My favorite place in the universe. If only the written word could portray the sarcasm I feel. Sauvigon is the largest city that would be Ultima Thule. In fact, it’s the capital, unowned by any province. It’s the most advanced place around, providing technology to the rest of the lands. Sauvigon is mainly overrun with humans and elves. Every race has many citizens, however. I must say, seeing the fairies flit about is quite the spectacle. Be wary of the pixies. If you manage to make them mad, they’ve been known to drop nuts, bolts, screws, and even scrap metal on those who anger them. Then again, they often do it for their own entertainment. It’s not fun either way.

While the grand city reaches to the sky with all its horrid glory, it’s surrounded by a large metal wall enchanted not to rust. Wood is too weak of a material, I suppose. Sauvigon has the best military around. Elves being the archer division; centaurs a specialized calvary; berserkers for the charging division; angels, mounted griffins, dragons, and pegasi for the air strike; dwarves make up the underground assault; humans fill in where their needed; so on and so forth. There are rumors the military is proposing robotic warriors. If that happens, Ultima Thule is in for quite the change. Progress, as they say. I’m not sure I want to be here if that progress comes out to play. I’ll have to find a new continent to explore. Moving on.

Sauvigon is also home to the Draco Ex Machina. The Machine Dragons. They’re quite spectacular. For much more money than I’d like to possess, one can go to the Factoreous Makigon and build their own dragon, which can then be programmed from servant to companion to taxi to guard. Even though many don’t consider the machine dragons to be real dragons, I beg to differ. I have sensed a personality in one. I believe them to be real dragons, and I will include them in my dragon encyclopedia I’ve been toying with. I’ve encountered intelligent robots. The machine dragons are no exception.

If you’re not overrun by the noise and fast-paced lifestyle, I suppose Sauvigon can be…decent. It’s definitely not my cup of tea. I only enter its domain when necessary. And first-time travellers beware. Thieves of all kinds run rampant on the metal streets. I recommend speaking with someone who’s a native before visiting. Not to mention finding a map. To say the city is a maze is an understatement. There’s no real pattern to the roads. I pride myself on being an expert at navigating the wilderness. I don’t even dare understand how Sauvigon is laid out. Perhaps that’s the beast within me, wanting to be surrounded by the wild.

What else can I say about Sauvigon? Besides stay away from it if you can. Unless you prefer that lifestyle. But I’m not sure if anything else is notable. I refuse to spend much time within its borders. Perhaps I’ll revisit this at a later entry, when I have to delve deeper into the mechanical city for more research on the Draco Ex Machina. Oh. Do not, under ANY circumstances, anger the well-armed guards. If you thought angry pixies were bad, you have no idea. They love to make large spectacles of executing those who cross them. On that wonderful note, I bid the world good night as I wrack my brain to see if I left out anything important.

Sir Ransom Mire, Intinerant