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Lines from a Bleeding Heart

Never picturing solitude
Not with promises
People swore
Now those closest
Are furthest away
Those depended on
Are no longer there
Those who listened
No longer hear
I never understand
Why false promises are made
Does no one truly care
Is that why they’re gone
Are those really masks they wear
A heart is given
Yet never returned
They still flock to me
Pouring out their souls
Help them set problems free
Living can be hard
Everyone knows
Yet when it comes to individual strife
The empathetic are tossed away
Pitched like the trash of life
Is it asking too much
For someone to be supportive
But it returns to care
And honesty behind it
Would anyone dare
To reach out to one in need
Who gave so much love
When others called for it
So it could be done for them
Though they never admit
How they failed
Their human support
Now the empathetic is gone
They have indefinitely lost
The other ultimately won

Haiku Compilation IV

Society bland
Supremacy will stumble
Down with the madness

A red moon rises
The annual massacre
Crimson stain floods earth

Falling from the sky
Righteous death by licking flames
Brimstone raining down

Foul stench floats through air
Drawing out weak and weary
Death surrounds us all

Death approaching fast
Let the reaper come for you
Darkness is ahead

Follow me with ease
Come with me into the pit
Let yourself darken

Memories erased
Metal blood consuming flesh
Rise of the machines

Living clockwork soul
Copper gears churning out thoughts
Steam powered body

Haiku Compilation II

Sweet scent to lure
Deadly thorns defending life
Beautiful roses

Mister sky of blue
Dancing through fields of joy
Singing playful tune

Beauty can’t contend
Purity of a soft heart
Trueness of the soul

Seeds becoming life
Night blossoming into day
These little wonders

Blank thoughts on pages
Giving way to images
Inklings come alive

Colors on canvas
Water muddied with intent
Painting with the soul

Silence fills the void
Blissfully content in heart
On way toward peace

Fire burns within
Rages releases dragon form
Beware quiet ones

Choices with Daggers

Weapons were made to harm others, not yourself. She repeated this over and over in her mind. Hot tears streamed down her cheeks. How many times had he told her that simple phrase? How many times had he walked in on her when she held the dagger to her wrist, contemplating whether or not she should do it? Too many for her to remember. She held the dagger now. Fingers trembling. Palm sweaty. Here they were again. He begged her to put down the weapon as she tightened her grip on the smooth handle. But this time he was on the floor. This time she stood above him. And she still had the dagger. She refused to live this life any longer. Her whole body trembled. Breaths coming in short bursts. Sweat beaded on her neck and forehead. The one light slowly swung back and forth. Shadows coming and going. All she could hear were his desperate pleas. How many times had he tempted her to take her own life? Where do you think she even got the blade? Weapons were made to harm others, not yourself. Oh, she was going to harm another alright. She would harm him so he couldn’t tempt any other naive souls to bleed themselves to death. Death…it sounded so sweet and comforting. Sounded familiar. She looked at her wrists. Both had scars running across her main veins. Her flesh was pasty and white. What…? Death. Her eyes lifted. The sensation of tears and sweat fading away. She was dead. She had bled herself to death. By the manipulations of him. She was dead and could no longer be killed. So she plunged the dagger into his heart. Watching him choke on his own blood filled her with so much satisfaction. He tried holding on, but the light faded from his eyes. A faint smile touched her blue lips. Weapons were made to harm others, not yourself…

Stolen Dream

I once had a dream. A dream that filled me with joy and warmth. I thought about it everyday. Laced my nights with my vision. It was my goal, my life. But then again, life always happened. My dream was put on hold. It hurt, it really did, but I persevered. Kept trudging through the trenches. I remained strong in my belief that my dream would one day become reality. There it was. My dream was within reach again! But wait…what happened? I turned away for no more than a second, and it was gone. Someone had stolen my dream. Why? What would compel anyone to do such a thing? Could they not dream their own dream? Rage boiled inside me. You see, I was a very possessive person and did not like thieves. It was a simple matter of time before I was ready. Fully geared and ready for war. I would get my dream back no matter the cost. Return it to my rightful possession. Even if it meant I would fight until my last breath. And it didn’t matter if the thief was foe or friend. I was prepared to cut down anyone who stole my dream. May God have mercy on their souls…

Monition Beyond the Grave

Exactly how far gone
Can a soul be
Before it’s considered lost
How far would you go
To save the soul
At every dying cost

How far lost
Can a soul be
Before it’s considered broken
How much time would you spend
To the soul mend
And a second chance be given

How far broken
Can a soul be
Before it’s considered dead
How much would you take back
Empathy your own soul lack
Every last moment you dread

How far dead
Can your soul be
After everything you’ve done
You betrayed me
So your own soul freed
You’re the one who should be gone

Haiku Compilation

A song is my soul
Meaningful words start fires
The love of music

Music in my ears
I dance all around the room
Effect of pure joy

A pitch black cloth spreads
Countless fire balls held fast
The night has fallen

Fireflies dance by
Fill the air with emotion
Magic of the night

Our darkest hour
Evil consumes a black heart
Maliciously bane

An endless abyss
Item skilled in pulsing life
Beating of humans

Love joy peace hope fine
The greatest of these is love
Find someone worthy

Two will become one
A selfless trust built on love
Hearts need affection

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